NO.247 Russia's Belt and Road, Dar al-Isram, the world situation centered on America First ・・・ A summary of the world situation as of 2020.01.01

America First

With Trump's America First, he has begun to withdraw from a central position in the world affairs.

Until now, the United States has secured supremacy in various important positions in the world situation. The U.S. military remained stationed at strategic strategic points around the world. This US military presence had a great influence on the surrounding area.
People with various intentions are mixed in every part of the world. A conflict of initiative arises between people with different intentions. These people were forced to respect the will of the United States due to the presence of nearby US troops. This should have balanced the situation in the surrounding area.

Now, the United States has begun to reduce the cost of stationing US troops stationed around the world, following President Trump's America First. U.S. forces began to withdraw from strategic strategic points around the world. In these surrounding areas, the balance of the situation, which had previously been balanced due to the influence of the U.S. forces stationed, will disappear.

In these regions, a new balance of circumstances is needed.

Belt and Road with Russia

For China's Belt and Road, America First has been a great opportunity for global deployment. One of the important moments was the advocacy of the Coalition of the willing by the United States. China's participation in the Coalition of the willing, which secures the navigation of the Persian Gulf, is at a disadvantage. China is switching crude oil supply to mainland China from the Middle East through the Indian Ocean and the East Pacific to another route. China is choosing to receive its oil supply from Russia.
The important point is that Russia also understands that China needs Russia. Russia and China are now able to agree, on reasonable grounds, to participate in Russia's Belt and Road.

With Russia's participation in Belt and Road, the two countries will realize the benefits of Belt and Road as a practical result. Russia and China will each find their own policies clearly.
Participation in Russia's Belt and Road will create a major shift in the balance of world affairs.

Russia's participation in Belt and Road establishes a new economic sphere in which the Chinese and Russian economies are integrated.
Both China and Russia understand the benefits of this economy. Both China and Russia will make Belt and Road success a top priority.

What is required on the Belt and Road is the peaceful stability of the surrounding situation. And peaceful coexistence among participating countries.
China cannot war with Taiwan. China must provide sufficient benefits to countries claiming sovereignty over the Spratly Islands. China's doing so has led many countries to support the Belt and Road policy. And many countries will approve that China will use the Spratly Islands as a base.
Countries claiming sovereignty over the Spratly Islands could only keep the Spratly Islands abandoned. China will develop the Spratly Islands to benefit many countries.
To date, many countries have been vigilant against China. Many nations will rely on China if China adheres to the Belt and Road Principles, whatever it may be.

Belt and road on land will be extended to the Middle East and the EU via Russia. One of the untapped untapped potential is participation in the Middle East Belt and Road.

Russia has secured supremacy in the area as U.S. forces withdraw from areas around Syria and Turkey. Turkey and Syria will support Russia as Russia resolves conflicts in these areas, including the Kurdish issue. China will cooperate in this.
The Belt and Road that Russia participated in has secured a foothold that will be extended to the Middle East.

Russian, Chinese and Iranian forces have conducted joint military exercises in the Indian Ocean. Iran will participate in Belt and Road. This will avoid the U.S.-Iran war.
Abandonment of nuclear weapons development will be a condition for participation in Iran's Belt and Road. Iran will abandon nuclear weapons development. Iran is guaranteed peaceful nuclear development. Iran is guaranteed the right to resume nuclear weapons development at any time. However, Iran is not allowed to develop nuclear weapons as long as it is a Belt and Road member.
Until now, China and Russia have continued to defend Iran. However, breaking Iran's promise to abandon its nuclear weapons after joining Belt and Road means that Iran will betray China and Russia. Iran is banished from Belt and Road, losing support from China and Russia. China and Russia begin retaliation against Iran.
China and Russia will declare this to the international community and lift economic sanctions on Iran.

In this situation, I think if the United States further asserts economic sanctions on Iran, the United States will be isolated.

Dar al-Isram

Quran is a prophecy by Allah. Islamic law was enacted by interpreting the Quran and is, therefore, Allah's prophecy. The realization of Dar al-Isram seems to be prophesied in Islamic law. Jihad is an action to build Dar al-Isram. Until the realization of Allah's prophecy is realized, humans cannot understand it.
Muhammad and later Muslims could only interpret Jihad as war. Muslims repeatedly conquered to build Dar al-Isram.

I think there is a possibility that Muslims will change the interpretation of Islamic law prophecy. Dar al-Isram is a world without war. Jihad may be a peaceful way.

I envisioned the following possibilities: Saudi Aramco, a state-owned company in Saudi Arabia, went public. Saudi Aramco's asset value is about 200 trillion yen. If Saudi Aramco invests 200 trillion yen, it will create a strong economic zone from the Middle East to Africa.
Muslims will understand this economic zone as Dar al-Isram, which was prophesied under Islamic law.
If people support the idea of ​​Dar al-Isram, the nation is guaranteed sovereignty, ethnicity is guaranteed tradition, and people are guaranteed the world of occupation and peace. Many will support Dar al-Isram. Islamic sovereignty is established.
The purpose of Dar al-Isram is to realize the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations has been unable to do this, but Dar al-Isram does. This is a prophecy of Islamic law.
I think this will be persuasive for all Muslims.

Dar al-Isram and Belt and Road have the same purpose. Both will be partners. The purpose of both parties is to build an economic zone in which everyone coexists and prosper in peace.

If this cooperation is realized, a large economic zone will be established that will realize peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity of all ethnic groups from all over Asia, the Middle East and all over Africa.

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America First

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Participation in Russia Belt and Road

Dar al-Islam

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