NO.243 China, Russia and Iran to practice in Gulf of Oman and Indian Ocean ・・・I mean, Iran's participation in the Belt and Road is decided?

Purpose of joint military exercise between China, Russia and Iran

It will be a peaceful and stable situation in the waters connecting the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. China's Belt and Road requires peaceful stability and co-existence and co-prosperity with all countries on the route.
Russia's involvement in Belt and Road has brought the Middle East into Belt and Road.
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China and Russia are not endured if Iran and the United States go to war. China and Russia will have to stop the war between Iran and the United States at all costs.

Once Iran has joined the Belt and Road, Iran's nuclear development problem will be solved.

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The reason that Iran would go nuclear would be to protect itself.
The United States is hostile to Iran. For that reason, Iran is isolated in the international community. Iran has no choice but to develop nuclear weapons to defend itself.
If China and Russia guarantee Iran's security, Iran will no longer need to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran commits to China and Russia to limit nuclear development to peaceful use. China and Russia will not call on Iran to abandon its peaceful use of nuclear weapons.
In the future, Iran's last option will need to be guaranteed in the event that the situation surrounding Iran develops unfortunately.
However, despite China and Russia guaranteeing Iran's security, if Iran decides to develop nuclear weapons, China and Russia will never forgive Iran.
By setting this principle, many other countries will trust Iran's participation in Belt and Road.
If the United States does not respond appropriately, the United States will lose the trust of many countries in the international community. And China and Russia will win the trust of many countries in the international community.

China and Russia will lift economic sanctions on Iran. China and Russia will provide the full economic benefits needed by Iran. Participation in Iran's Belt and Road will bring enough value to China and Russia for this.

Once Iran has joined the Belt and Road, Iran will no longer need to contend with Saudi Arabia and others.

Belt and Road requires peaceful and stable co-existence and co-prosperity among participating countries. Belt and Road establishes an integrated economic zone that integrates the economies of all participating nations. All countries participating in Belt and Road share benefits from their integrated economies. Peaceful security of the situation between any two countries participating in Belt and Road will benefit all other participating countries.
Since the Middle East countries are isolated from each other, each country will be in conflict with other countries for their own survival. Middle Eastern countries will face each other on the premise of suspicion of the other. Middle Eastern countries are trying to be more powerful than their opponents in order to survive.
As a result, countries in the Middle East are in conflict with each other.

Participation in a Belt and Road by a country depends on the country agreeing and supporting the Belt and Road principle.
Other countries can determine the actions of the countries participating in Belt and Road. The country benefits from Belt and Road. The country will give priority to all actions necessary to achieve this goal.

Countries hostile to Iran are suspicious of Iran because they cannot predict the action they will take. This is the root cause of the conflict between the two countries.
If an accident occurs, the two countries will take action on suspicion of the other party. Then, those who try to use this situation always appear.
With Iran's participation in Belt and Road, Iranian neighbors will decide to respond to Iran on the premise of participation in Iran's Belt and Road.
Both China and Russia will support Iran's reconciliation with previously hostile nations.
The participation of Middle Eastern countries on Belt and Road is of great benefit to Belt and Road.

I mentioned earlier that the Saudi Arabian state-owned company, Saudi Aramco, could build a Dar al-Isram, which is prophesied under Islamic law.

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It is a complete imagination. However, it is true that Dar al-Isram is prophesied under Islamic law.
Muslims share the philosophy of Dar al-Isram.
If Muslims conclude that the purpose of Belt and Road is consistent with the purpose of Dar al-Iaram, Muslims will support Belt and Road.

How should Japan deal with joint military exercises between China, Russia and Iran?

Prime Minister Abe should thank China and Russia. If the U.S. and Iran go to war, the Strait of Hormuz will no longer be able to carry tankers. Dispatch to the Middle East, such as the SDF, would be completely meaningless.
If the supply of crude oil from the Middle East to Japan is cut off and Japan's oil reserves are depleted, the Japanese economy will be hit hard. The Abe administration will be ruined without a single body.

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China and Russia will deter the US-Iran war.

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