NO.242 I think joining Russia's Belt and Road will change the situation around Uyghur. ・・・ Uyghur can choose for the future, assuming Belt and Road.

Uyghur and neighboring countries.

According to an article on Xinjiang in the Japanese version of Wikipedia, Xinjiang is bordered by eight countries, the largest in China's administrative territories.
India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Mongolia
For Uyghur, this is a lucky situation. These countries absolutely do not want Uyghur to become a conflict zone.
These countries will be at borders with those who are always at risk of conflict. Countries that don't like the Uighur conflict spreading to themselves.
There are Hindu countries, Islamic countries, and Buddhist countries. Mongolia has a history of repeated wars with China, and has sought to forge friendly relations with Russia to compete with China. India is an isolationist country.
Xinjiang is likely to be located in the middle of the gunpowder in the surrounding situation.

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The Uyghurs may not know what to choose.

The Uyghurs are not the only people living in Xinjiang. A variety of ethnic minorities live within this borough.
The Uyghurs must consider coexistence with these other ethnic groups. If the Uyghurs were against other ethnic groups, they would seek ties with the Chinese government. Regardless of its history, the Chinese government will benefit its people. The people make that judgment.
Because multiethnic people live in Xinjiang, the Uyghurs cannot be separated by the will of the Uyghurs alone. The Uyghurs must make a consensus choice with all other ethnic groups. Otherwise, a dispute will arise. Powers that do not want conflict will intervene.

The Uyghurs may not be able to decide what to choose.

For Uyghurs, the most important factor will be the Chinese government. The Uyghurs cannot determine what the Chinese government will choose. The Uyghurs may have chosen to do so on the premise that the Chinese government is the enemy.

Now, however, the Uighurs can determine what action China would take. Russia participated in Belt and Road. This has led China to take every action to achieve a Belt and Road success.
In order for the Belt and Road to succeed, the Han people must achieve peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity with all the people in the surrounding area.
There are several Muslim countries on the Belt and Road route. The Han people must find a way of peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity with Muslims at all costs.
The Han people therefore need Uyghurs, Muslims.
The Han people will provide everything the Uyghurs need. And the Han people will turn to Uyghurs for work.
Uyghurs and Han need each other.
Uyghurs can explore the future on an equal footing with the Han people.

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