NO.240 A Hong Kong demonstration said it would support Uyghurs.

Hong Kong may be resentful by the surrounding countries of the Uyghur Autonomous Region (Xinjiang).

The Hong Kong demonstration has now said it will support Uyghurs.

The Hong Kong demonstration has had no interest in the Uyghur problem until now. Hong Kong demonstration seriously
If they knew they had a problem in common with the Uighurs, they would have already worked together. The Uyghur problem must have appeared in the news of the Hong Kong demonstrations so far. The Uyghurs and Hong Kong demonstrations would have been in contact, and the leaders of the Hong Kong demonstrations would have raised issues about the Uyghurs with information known only to the Hong Kong demonstrations.
This would have greatly supported the Uyghurs, and the Hong Kong demonstrations would have gained great support from the international community.

The reason why the United Nations and others cannot deal with the Uyghur problem is probably because the UN cannot confirm the actual situation of Uyghur.
If the Hong Kong demonstration provided the information to the UN, everything would have been resolved.

Now, the alleged repression of the Uighurs by the Chinese government may be a matter of a completely different nature.
There is plenty of rationale to conclude that a competent government, which continues to fulfill its governance responsibilities over a vast land area and 1.4 billion people, is unlikely to crack down.

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I think the Hong Kong demonstration is making a noise without knowing anything. This can lead to a worse situation. The Uyghurs will have some people who plan for independence. This situation is used by those.
The independence of Uighur Autonomous Region will be impossible. Wiggle has failed twice in the past. It only worsens the situation in the Uyghur area.

Neighboring countries understand this.

Hong Kong will be resentful by the surrounding countries of the Wiggle district.

Many neighboring countries of Uyghur Autonomous Region are small countries. China has approved these countries while these countries are adjacent to China.
China probably trusts these countries to fulfill their governing responsibilities.
These small countries around the Uighur Autonomous Region, which is adjacent to China, should have had their own communication with the Uighurs. And they continue to maintain friendly relations with China.
It must be a country with such a skillful diplomacy. Otherwise, the trust of China cannot be won.

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Those countries will not allow Hong Kong to insignificantly worsen the situation around Uyghur Autonomous Region.
I think so.

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