NO.237 The purpose of Jihad is the construction of Dar al-Islam.

The true meaning of Jihad, probably not yet known to all humankind, including Muslims.

Why Muhammad repeated conquest and propagation.

Excerpted from Jihad article on Japanese Wikipedia. The source is the world encyclopedia of Heibonsha.

"The philosophy of Islamic law is that the world must be an established Islamic sovereignty, Dar al-Islam. War world
Where jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established [4]. "

Muhammad would have tried to interpret Quran in good faith. He interpreted Jihad as a holy war. He would have tried to build Dar al-Islam in a peaceful way. Dar al-Islam is a world without war.
However, as a matter of fact, the construction of Dar al-Islam would have had no choice but to force control of areas that did not comply with Muhammad's offer.

Muhammad would not have known the true meaning of Jihad. Muhammad would not know the true meaning of Dar al-Islam.
And to this day, I believe that all Muslims, and all of humanity, do not know the true meaning of Jihad and the real meaning of Dar al-Islam.

Jihad is an effort to build Dar al-Islam. Isn't Jihad described as  war?

Let me explain.

Quran, Islamic law, is the prophecy of Allah.

The content described in Quran is Allah's words. Is this correct?
Allah knew everything in the future. In other words, the Quran must have described what will happen in the future. The Quran is a prophecy of Allah.
Islamic law created by interpreting the Quran is also Allah's prophecy.
Humans cannot understand Allah's truth. Until Allah's prophecy is fulfilled, humans cannot understand it.
If the construction of Dar al-Islam is Allah's prophecy, humans cannot understand the true meaning of Dar al-Islam until the realization of Dar al-Islam. And until Dar al-Islam is realized, humans cannot understand the true meaning of jihad.

I thought as follows.
Muslims must act according to Quran's statements in real life situations. Muslims interpret the Quran against the situation at hand and judge Allah's command. It is not required that the person interpret Quran correctly. Humans cannot understand Allah's truth. Therefore, humans are not required to interpret Quran correctly. If the person interprets the Quran and performs that interpretation, Allah's command is deemed to have been honored.
In this way, I thought I could explain Muslim behavior.

Some Muslims have interpreted suicide bombers as jihad. The man who died in Jihad goes to heaven. The Muslims will perform the jihad to get to heaven.
Then, if it becomes clear that suicide bombers are not jihad, some Muslim suicide bombers will not occur.

I do not know what Muslims call the act of Japanese calling a suicide bomber. All Muslims will have their own interpretation of Jihad in their community. And many Muslims think suicide bombers have nothing to do with Islam.

Reasons for the formation of Sunni Islam and Shia Islam

It would not have been easy for Muslims to interpret the Quran. Quran's description may be abstract. It must be interpreted by applying it to the real situation at hand.
Muslims may have turned to the leaders of their community for the interpretation of the Quran.
I have heard that various religions of Islam were formed depending on who entrusted the interpretation of the Quran.

The group that agreed on the interpretation of the Quran by the leaders was the Sunni Islam, and the group that delegated interpretation to the people of Alli's descendants of Muhammad was the Shia Islam. I'm listening.

Muslims interpret the situation in front of them by applying the Quran description. Then, it is possible that the interpretation will change depending on the person, even the age, and the social situation.
Allah, who knows everything in the future, has ordered Muslims to apply and interpret the Quran in the situation at hand.

I wanted to see the realized Dar al-Islam.

Dar al-Islam is a world without war. The purpose of Dar al-Islam is to realize the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations has not yet achieved this. Dar al-Islam accomplishes this. This is a prophecy of Islamic law.

Current Muslims go to war. The reason is that today's Muslims live in Dar al-Harb. Muslims living in Dar al-Harb cannot find a way to choose no war.
Once Dar al-Islam is built, Muslims can figure out ways to choose no war. Muslims will not go to war.
And I think Muslims will come to know that Jihad is a peaceful way.

I looked at the possibility that Saudi Aramco, a state-owned company in Saudi Arabia, would build Dar al-Islam.
Saudi Aramco is listed on the stock market. Saudi Aramco will act for Islamic purposes. Saudi Aramco's asset value is about 200 trillion yen. Saudi Aramco thought it would invest more than 200 yen. As a result, economic zones will be built across Africa from the Middle East. In that economy, everyone is guaranteed a job. Everyone is assured of a safe world.
If we uphold the principles of Dar al-Islam, all nations are guaranteed sovereignty and all ethnic groups are guaranteed tradition.
If all people voluntarily support the idea of ​​Dar al-Islam, it means that Islamic sovereignty has been established.

I thought so.

I wanted to see the realization of Dar al-Islam.

This article is the current conclusion about Jihad and Dar al-Islam. The following two articles are intermediate considerations. We tried to make it easier to read and rewrite.

This article considers the meaning of Dar al-Islam in the world situation.

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