NO.236 Possibility of professional ethics of protestantism ・・・there is no need to pursue profits. This is possible. I think God wants people to love their neighbors (Agape). I want the wealthy to think about it.

I just want to provide opportunities for those who do their best.

I think the origin of American capitalist ideology is the professional ethics of ascetic protestantism. So I think it might be persuasive if we go back to the professional ethics of ascetic protestantism and raise issues.

I hear that the number of young people who are in financial difficulty is increasing in the United States. They can no longer have hope for their future.
Every human being needs to make an effort to win his future. However, a high tuition fee is required to take a good education.
Only people with assets from the beginning can take good education. Those without assets can only recognize despair for the future.

So I suggest. International community. Would you like to modify the capitalist ideology a little?

I am not a socialist. Socialism is an idea Marx envisioned in his head. For capitalists, I think Marx's socialism is meaningful. We can raise the problem of the problem of capitalism. Humans cannot envision an ideology without problems.

It is God's order to engage in professional work. However, God has not ordered to pursue profits. Is it possible for the Bible to interpret that?

I want to bring this to American business people.

Today, the gap between rich and poor is widening on a global scale. A large part of the wealth of the world economy continues to be distributed to very few rich people.
Globally, the poverty will be expanding.
This condition will cause a great depression. The Great Depression in an ultra-low interest rate environment does not involve a deflationary spiral.
However, raising interest rates even slightly raises deflationary spiral risk. This is the current American society.

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I think it is desirable for business people to overcome this situation according to the spirit of Noblesse oblige.
That's why I make this proposal.

I've heard that there are many cases where a large company manager signed a contract for $ 1. The purpose of the entrepreneur was to engage in professional labor itself, not to pursue profits.

This has been done in the past. In other words, ascetic protestants command human beings, they are engaged in professional labor, not pursuing profits.
Perhaps there were people who interpreted the Bible in that way.

I heard that the professional ethics of ascetic Protestantism interpret the Bible as follows:
Occupational labor is God's command. The wealth gained through employment is the property of God. Humans must manage the wealth gained through occupational labor. And humans must increase the wealth they manage as much as possible.

For American business people, I think that the professional ethics of ascetic protestantism would have been a major behavioral constraint.
The professional ethics of ascetic protestantism ethically affirmed the pursuit of profits through professional labor. The professional ethics of ascetic protestantism mandated the duty to manage the wealth gained through professional labor.

The principle of ascetic Protestant behavior is to give priority to all being free from the fear of Predestination. America is a devout Protestant country. American businessmen are freed from fear of predestination by adhering to the professional ethics of ascetic protestantism.
Is this a judgment based on my preconceptions?

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   (I'm saying something drastic?)

"The pursuit of profit in vocational work is not God's order." If this change in moral ethics of ascetic Protestantism occurs, many American business people will change their course of action.
American businessmen are essentially religious Christians. Those who were born and raised in a Christian society. These are people who grew up in protestantism in the home and social environments. These people should be those who fear God.
The person may not be aware. But these people, deep in their hearts, must be God-fearing.

American businessmen will choose their actions according to their sense of mission, according to the spirit of Noblesse oblige. This will be a proof of their faith.
American businessmen will perform Agape.
American businessmen will carry out new projects according to the spirit of Noblesse oblige.
These people have the talent to make their business successful and this time they will carry out this new project

I have hope for this.
American businessmen will make innovation happen. It's up to these people to decide what American business people produce.

For example, I have been thinking about this possibility. However, I think these people will create things I did not expect.

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