NO.234 Xi Jinping chief is, kind-hearted.・・・ the Chinese government cannot suppress the Uyghurs. There are so many rational grounds.

China today will not choose to abuse or repress human rights.

I think the personality of Xi Jinping chief has influence the selection performed by the now of the Chinese government. Xi Jinping chief, as is kind-hearted person, I think.
He says he will crack down on Hong Kong, but he will not try to put it into action.
He continues to defend Hong Kong's chief executive.

Now China will not be repressing the Uyghurs.
"Xi Jinping is a friend of the Uyghurs."
In the Uyghur Autonomous Region, it is actively promoted like that.
This would be true of the intention of Xi Jinping.

If China represses the Uyghurs, Russia will invade Uyghur.

If the Uyghurs were repressed by the Chinese government, the Uyghurs would actively seek help from the international community.
Undoubtedly, military tensions around Uyghur increase. The Uyghurs tribe will not just be unilaterally suppressed. The Uyghurs fight against. As a result, Uyghur will become a conflict zone, such as Afghanistan.
Those who use this situation will definitely appear. The Uyghurs are always handed over weapons. The countries around Uyghur understand this.
Countries like Mongolia, Tibet and Bhutan will not want this military tension.
The relationship between these countries and China will deteriorate.

If the Chinese government represses Uyghurs, there is no doubt that Russia will take action. Russia does not like the adjacent Uyghur becoming a conflict zone.
Russia invaded Afghanistan during the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan because the Americans withdrew from Afghanistan. The Soviet Union would have tried to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan by placing troops in Afghanistan.
Russia has also chosen the same action against today's Turkey and Syria.

Ezil, who belongs to the Arsenal of the English Premier League of football, is a Turkish and Muslim. He believed that the Chinese government was repressing the Uighurs.
He will only know about rumors about Uyghur. Still, he took action for Uyghur.
Muslims help Muslims. Muslims act on this principle of action.

If the Chinese government represses the Uyghurs, Muslims around the Uyghur area will take action.
There are many Muslim republics in Russia. Pakistan friendly with China is a Muslim country.

Russia will not be able to leave the conflict situation in Uyghur expanding beyond the border. Russia will send troops to Uyghur to calm down the conflict.

A Muslim republic in Russia will require the Russian government to send Russian troops to Uyghur. If the Russian government does not respond to this request, many Muslim republics in Russia will move away from Russia and Russia will be in danger of dismantling.

In the vast territory of Russia, there are many people who want to separate from Russia.
Putin's administration will have the primary goal of maintaining Russian unity. For that reason, Russia never returns its northern territory to Japan. This is because if Russia returns the northern territory to Japan, many of the Russian territory will move away from Russia.

Russia will choose a military conflict with China to avoid the crisis of dismantling.

It is impossible for the Chinese government not to understand this. It is a government that has fulfilled its responsibility to govern 1.4 billion people and the vast land for 70 years.
It is impossible to be so incompetent that the Chinese government does not understand this.

For the Chinese government, repressing the Uyghurs is a big disadvantage and no profit.
The Chinese government is not incompetent enough to do so.

My thoughts on the reality of the Uyghur problem

If a large-scale repression occurs in Uyghur, it is impossible to hide from the international community.
A large amount of information will leak to the international community. Russia will cooperate in this information leak to the international community before choosing a military conflict with China.

If a large-scale repression occurs, the United States can be confirmed from space with military satellites?

The fact that there is only reputational information at the moment may mean that there has been no massive repression in Uyghur.

What is happening in Islamic societies around the world is also happening in Uyghur.
Some Uyghurs were influenced by Islamic fundamentalism and became terrorists.

There are people in Uyghur who are planning a coup like Hong Kong, and they are trying to use Uyghurs inspired by Islamic fundamentalism.

The Chinese government may have a segregation policy for some of them. In other countries, the same thing is done.
It is not preferable. However, the Chinese government could not find other options.

Maybe the same thing happening in Hong Kong is happening in Uyghur.
Hong Kong people know that the democratization demo of Hong Kong is not democracy. But Hong Kong people are silent about mainland China and other countries because they think Hong Kong people are compatriots. Hong Kong people will never be able to trust non-Hong Kong people.

Uyghur people do not trust other people. It must have been such a history. So the Uyghur people will not say the real thing of the international community.

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