No.233 Hong Kong demonstration. I felt like I heard that “Citizens collided and five people died.” Was it a mistake?

I found an Internet article.

Arsons, violence and brutal lynching by demonstrators have been reported in the media in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong people seem to know it.
This article says so.
I think what is written in this article is true.

I felt like I heard from the TV, “Citizens collided and five people died.”
I can't find an article when I search the internet.

“The right to know” in Japan is defined by the Japanese government.
The Japanese government is guaranteed the right of Japanese citizens to know the information of unbiased parties that are not biased to the opinions of specific individuals or groups.

Japanese Internet articles are also directed by the Japanese government in order to protect the “right to know” defined by the Japanese government.

More and more Hong Kong citizens migrate to other countries. In Syria, they are equivalent to those who become refugees.
However, Hong Kong people will not be refugees because they have assets.

China is a democracy and human rights repressor. ... The conclusion is decided from the beginning.

The Japanese mass media has reported everything from the start, concluding that China is a repressor of human rights and democracy.
I don't know from the mass media in Japan how it is reported in other countries.
Japan's mass media will only introduce reports from media in other countries reporting that China is a human rights repressor and a democratic repressor.
As far as the news reported in Japanese mass media is concerned, the entire international community now concludes that China is a human rights repressor and a democratic repressor.

When the UN research team investigates the actual situation of Uyghur, it may be determined from the beginning.

None of the people questioned the democratization demonstration in Hong Kong.

Those who are hostile to the Chinese government will take advantage of this situation.

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