NO.232 A football England Premier League Arsenal player Ezil complained on Twitter that the Chinese government was repressing the Uyghur.

Chinese TV station stopped broadcasting Arsenal game.

Mr. Ezil remarked:
“The Quran is burned, the mosque is closed, the Islamic seminary is closed, Muslim teachers are killed one after another, and Muslims are sent to concentration camps.”

It seems that protests are coming from Chinese people in response to Mr. Ezil's remarks. Chinese TV station stopped broadcasting Arsenal game.
Many Chinese people thought China was insulted. If Chinese TV stations do not stop broadcasting Arsenal games, Chinese TV stations will be accused of Chinese people this time.

Japanese mass media has repeatedly reported that China is controlling speech.
“Chinese TV broadcasting does not report to the Chinese people about the suppression of the Chinese government against the Uyghurs.”
Until now, it was customary for Japanese mass media to report on the Uyghur issue in this way. Japanese mass media has always reported on human rights violations and speech control in the Chinese government.
“Because of the Chinese government's speech control, the Chinese people do not know the violation of human rights of the Chinese government.” Until now, this has always been the conclusion of the Japanese mass media.

It became clear that Chinese people already knew about the Uyghur problem. Chinese people were not controlled, even if they were subject to Chinese government speech control.
And many Chinese people judged the Uyghur problem as an insult to China by other countries.

The Japanese mass media had planned to condemn the Chinese government's speech control over the Uyghur issue, but it may have gone wrong.

Arsenal said that Mr. Ezil's remark was his personal view. And Arsenal declared Arsenal's position not to be involved in any political issues.

This is a proposal to the Chinese government.

Many Chinese people recognize that Mr. Ezil has insulted China. I suggest that the Chinese government provide a place of reconciliation between Mr. Ezil and the Chinese people. The Chinese government proposes to invite Mr. Ezil to China.

And if possible, I suggest that you provide an opportunity to check the current state of Uyghur on his own.
I think there is a difficult problem. The Chinese government does not accept the UN investigation team. It is possible that the Chinese government suspects that the UN research team has conspired against the Chinese government over the Uyghur issue.

I can't believe that the Chinese government is doing explicit repression against the Uighurs. There are forces that are hostile to the Chinese government. Obvious repression against the Uyghurs will be used by the forces that oppose the Chinese government.

When powers that are hostile to the Chinese government insist on democracy, the international community always supports powers that are hostile to the Chinese government.

So it may be a useful option for Mr. Ezil to confirm the reality of Uyghur.

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