NO.231 What is the cost of industrial production and energy? ・ ・ ・ I think it will be a solution to global warming.

A powerful energy source with a cost close to zero will result in zero production costs.

Is the cost of raw materials in industrial production limited to the cost of energy?
Metal materials can be produced by repeatedly recycling the same substances. The cost of that would be the cost of energy required for recycling. Producing metal materials from ore is essentially the same as recycling.
A powerful energy source with a cost close to zero will reduce the cost of raw materials to zero.
Any rare metal can be recycled and used indefinitely. Isn't it meaningless to put a high price on a substance?

There will be brand prices for gold, silver, and jewelry.

A powerful energy source with a cost close to zero will make the production cost of almost all goods zero. Therefore, the price of the product is zero.

A powerful energy source with a cost close to zero eliminates the need for production methods that emit greenhouse gases.

If the price of all materials is zero, the price of all machinery is zero. Companies no longer have to make huge investments to build factories. There is no need to seek to improve production efficiency for depreciation of production equipment.
Industrial production is purely about hiring people and paying wages. It is also possible to fully automate the factory and not require human hands. Still, the price of the product is zero.

The price of the product is set at the labor cost of the worker.

I think that ascetic Protestants can't oppose this. I think that Calvanism interpreted the Bible that engaging in occupational labor itself is a command of God. It is not God's command to make a profit through occupational labor.

If so, management is obliged to hire workers and pay wages. Even if it is a factory that does not need to be operated by human hands, the company manager is obliged to hire workers to engage in professional labor.

If a company manager fully automates the factory and dismisses a worker, it will violate God's order.
The purpose of a company is not to make a profit. The purpose of a company is to hire workers and engage them in professional labor.

Humans may be freed from the obligation to succeed in business and earn profits. ... about the possibility of this.

Until now, human society has always had to be done as a business if people were to achieve something.
Because the ascetic Protestant interpreted the Bible that it was God's command that human beings would benefit from occupational labor.
However, engaging in occupational labor itself is God's command, and gaining profits at that time may not be a restriction on people.

This means that once a person sets a specific purpose, he is freed from the business obligation constraints and he can concentrate all his will and power for that purpose.

Ascetic Protestants interpreted God's command and the Bible to profit from occupational work. And for that purpose, all personalities and actions were purposely restructured.
This caused an industrial revolution and a modern industrial society.

When an ascetic Protestant is released from the constraints of being obliged to be successful and profitable in business, all the personality and behavior of the person will be reconfigured for the new purpose set. I think so.

Global warming countermeasures and migration to the universe for the survival of human races are set as a new purpose, and it is possible that all will and power will be put in for that purpose. .

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