NO.230 Former ZOZO Town President Maezawa said, “I want to create a world without money.”

Maezawa is the first person who applied for a moon trip and became famous all over the world.

His goal is to give selected artists the opportunity to create artworks by giving them the opportunity to see the moon from spacecraft orbiting the moon.
These artists are given the opportunity to create artworks that can only be produced by those who have this experience.

No one can buy what I really want with money. If I couldn't get what I really wanted, I don't mean anything, no matter how large an asset I have.
If I was despaired to get what I really wanted, then I would choose to end my life, no matter how large assets I had at that time. .

However, Mr. Maezawa spends money to get things he can't buy with money. For that purpose, he spends a huge amount of money that many people cannot do.

A story about Maezawa-san talking with Sakagami-san on a Japanese TV program.

Sakagami-san was talking about Maezawa-san in an information program, so Maezawa-san seemed to want to talk directly with Sakagami-san in front of the TV camera.
Maezawa has a strong memory of terrorist attacks and seems to want to create a world without war. To do so, he seems to think that it is most effective to lose money from the world.

He, who succeeded as a businessman and built huge assets, concluded that way.
I don't think it's nonsense. I explain logically.

About pension bonds.
Reference article.

The government issues pension bonds. The Bank of Japan issues a new bank note and purchases pension bonds using the bank note. The government provides the pension with the pension government bond paid from the BOJ. The person who receives the pension purchases the product. This will achieve economic growth.
The key to economic growth lies in the purchase of goods and payment for goods. In principle, pensioners can receive as many pensions as they want. However, it is necessary to use up all the pensions received. This will achieve economic growth.

There is modern money theory (MMT).
See the following article for an explanation.

In the case of Japan, there will be no problem even if government bonds are issued, unless hyperinflation occurs. Furthermore, as I knew after writing this article, Japan has no problem no matter how much the national fiscal debt continues to expand. There is no problem even if a new government bond is issued in order to summon a government bond that has been summoned.

Then there is no need for money to exist?

I thought about the production cost of the product. I think that the production cost of the product will become the cost of energy.
In other words, if a powerful energy source is developed that has a cost close to zero, the production cost of the product will be zero. Raw material costs are zero. The same substance can be recycled and used forever. The cost of recycling is zero because of the cost of energy.

That is, if a powerful energy source with a cost close to zero is developed, the price of the product will be zero. Money is no longer needed.

Maezawa-san seems to be a person with a rare idea. Do you want to be friends?

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