NO.229 Britain Conservative Party won the election

The British supported the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

Many people in the UK refused to be a member of the EU. For the British people, the EU is familiar. Unlike me in Japan, the British people understand the EU very well.
The EU may have serious problems. The UK was a member of the EU. The British may have experienced problems within the EU as familiar problems.

The EU is not a federal state. Many nations have gathered, but they are not unified as a federal state. Germany and France may be great powers, but there are no superpowers in the EU.
The EU may only have a small country perspective. What a small country can do is insist on its own interests. And to emphasize it as a great power. A small country cannot lead a huge situation.

There may be no unified government in the EU that is responsible for the entire EU. So the EU cannot solve any problems within the EU. The UK may not recognize the benefits of continuing to be a member of the EU. The EU could not keep Britain from leaving.
“British being part of the EU is a British interest.” If the British people decided so, the UK would not have left the EU. The UK would have been proud to be a member of the EU.

Because there is no federal government in the EU and it is not possible to solve problems inside the EU, people who remain in the EU will continue to face various challenges in the future. Those who remain in the EU will not be able to escape these challenges.

What happens if the UK leaves the EU?

Currently, the issue of separation independence is raised in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
If there is an armed conflict between these regions and the UK, can the EU resolve? These regions were originally EU members. Because these regions will be separated to remain in the EU. Can the EU fulfill its responsibilities to EU members?

The EU's response to these issues may reveal that the EU cannot do anything.

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