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This Google Blogger blog "Letter to White House "is writing Japanese articles with an effort to make it suitable for google translation. This makes it difficult to read Japanese sentences.
This "Mail to White House" is translated by Google translate from "Letter to White House".
So My English in "Mail to White House" may be unnatural.

For that reason, I decided to write a Japanese article on the Hatena Blog that does not care about Google translation.
I wrote an Japanese article on the Hatena Blog that summarizes more than 20 Google Blogger blog articles.
And I made an English article same as Japanese article on the Hatena Blog.

I link to Those English article at below.

I'll link it. If it is easy to read, please read it.

I hope that Google's AI will not judge it as duplicate content.

This is a chat blog.(Japanese only)

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No.311 Gov bond with zero interest. Allow only central bank to buy. Gov execute new projects using this funds. This bond redeemed only when inflation rate exceeds upper limit. Solve problem. Please judge.

No.308 Potential in India. ・・・“God prepared India for the crisis of the world.” Some Christians may think so.