NO.227 Japanese parliamentarians are discussing amendments to the referendum law to amend the constitution.

Opposition legislators are suing commercial restrictions that promote constitutional amendments.

Sites that are searched for on the Internet are sites with a large amount of information. A politically rich party will build a site with an enormous amount of information.
Minority opinion sites may not provide a wealth of information. Even a search may not take.
A small number of valuable opinions, even if they are considered heresy, are valuable opinions. Providing such an opinion with an opportunity to speak should have been the value of freedom of speech.
The Internet should have been a place where individuals could send information. However, only those who have a huge organizational power can now obtain a place to speak.

Japan's constitutional amendment is discussed at the Diet after the ruling and opposition parties discuss and agree on the amendment. At the Diet, the proposal is approved with the approval of two-thirds of all members. After a month, a referendum was held, and a constitutional amendment was approved with a majority vote.

If the Liberal Democratic Party moves to a constitutional change in this process, no one will be able to oppose it.
There is no problem if the constitutional amendment is appropriate. However, there are a few opinions that can prevent the amendment if it contains significant risk factors. This is because an amendment that includes a significant risk factor has been agreed as the opinion of the majority.
In today's Internet world, there is no place for minority opinions.
What is the hope left behind?

Do you expect the evolution of AI?

The current AI can only evaluate the article based on the amount of information provided or the evaluation of other people. If AI can evaluate the value of the article itself, it will be able to extract articles of a really valuable minority opinion from a huge number of Internet articles.

United Nations Charter Article 108

Hope for the possibility of blocking the constitutional amendment planned by the LDP. Article 96 of the Japanese Constitution provides provisions for procedures for amending the Japanese Constitution. Article 96 of the Japanese Constitution is based on Article 108 of the Charter of the United Nations.
As a rule, unanimous approval is required for the constitutional amendment by referendum. This is the case in Article 108 of the Charter of the United Nations.
In the referendum law, it is in favor of a majority of the effective votes in the referendum. However, since Article 96 of the Japanese Constitution is based on Article 108 of the UN Charter, it should be construed as “at least a majority of all voters.”
The requirements for establishment will be determined by the content of the revision.
If the revision is to rebuild the former Japanese Empire, the approval of all voters will be a requirement for formation.

The establishment of the Japanese Constitution was a condition for the conclusion of the SF Peace Treaty and for Japan's accession to the United Nations. The United States implemented these as projects for the end of World War II.
The purpose was to not repeat the tragedy of World War II.

The fact that the requirements for the amendment of the Japanese Constitution are so severe will mean that this is the will of the United States.
The United States does not allow Japanese constitutional amendments. This is to avoid rebuilding the Japanese Empire.

If Japan moves to the constitutional amendment, the United States will take action to prevent this. I have hope for this possibility.

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