NO.226 More and more Hong Kong citizens migrate to other countries.

“The international community should put pressure on the Chinese government,” said the leader of a Hong Kong democratization group.

Does this person understand what he is saying? Equivalent to saying, "We are disqualified from democracy."
Democracy is the citizen's choice of politicians. Citizens take full responsibility for politics. The purpose of politics is to fulfill the responsibility of governance. In Hong Kong, it is to achieve governance so that Hong Kong is in a favorable state.
Hong Kong's reign must be accomplished by Hong Kong citizens themselves.

That leader is equivalent to saying, "The international community is obliged to be a protector of Hong Kong."

"If the Chinese government doesn't accept all of our five requirements, Hong Kong's confusion will continue," he said.

Again, does this person know what he is saying?
Democrats seek democratization in order to fulfill their responsibility for governance. Hong Kong democrats should seek to converge Hong Kong's confusion.
These people are confusing Hong Kong to enforce their demands. These people are confusing Hong Kong.
These men threaten the Chinese government, "If you want to conquer Hong Kong's confusion, accept our five clauses."

The democracy won in the election the other day.

This election system was not built by Hong Kong citizens. The Chinese government gave it to Hong Kong.
The Chinese government is not obligated to listen to the demands of democrats who have won.
The Chinese government should have had the purpose of this system. It will be for the Chinese government to know how to face Hong Kong.
A talented politician would have understood this. A competent politician would have understood that the Chinese government assumed the outcome of this election a precondition for action choice. Given the magnitude of the international influence of this election result, the Chinese government could only choose to respect this election result.
A competent politician will understand that the time has come to negotiate with the Chinese government. A talented politician would have been able to negotiate freely with the Chinese government using this election result as an opportunity. A competent politician will make this election an opportunity for the Chinese government to understand that he is an appropriate partner to work with.
There is no doubt that the Chinese government is looking for competent partners to cooperate.

However, Hong Kong democratization organizations could only repeat the meaningless demonstrations.
The Chinese government has achieved its objectives. The Chinese government has come to know how to confront Hong Kong.
The Chinese government learned that Hong Kong is equivalent to being an immature child.
“Adults have to discipline immature children and tell them what is right.”
The Hong Kong police have allowed a peaceful demonstration. “Demonstrate peacefully. If we damage the store, we will crack down,” the police chief said.

The purpose of democracy is to protect citizens' rights. Many Hong Kong citizens are now despairing in Hong Kong and choosing to move to other countries.

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