NO.224 A message to support Greta Thunberg.

Building the times is the work of young people.

Young people continue to live responsibly for the choices they have made. The old man cannot live long enough until he is fully responsible for the choices he has made. Elderly people should not make the choice to decide the course of the times.
The choice of determining the course of the times must be made by young people.

Greta Thunberg is taking action now to open up her future.
So I will support her and her friends. As a 61-year-old, I can't make the choice to decide the course of the times. But I can help them. I may be able to remove the obstacles for them.

I will suggest to her. Be prepared to prevent global warming.

She continues to appeal to adults to take measures to prevent global warming. She leaves the choice of action to the person she sued. If that person doesn't respond to her appeal, she can't achieve her goal.
She must open up her own future with the actions she can choose now. It will take a long time before she gets the right to stop global warming. The prevention of global warming is not in time.

She will have to make it possible to open up the future in a warmed world.

This is a challenge that she and her generation face in common. And it's not just an issue limited to those of her generation.

Global warming is not directly related to adults who are now emitting greenhouse gases and political leaders who are not fully regulating greenhouse gas emissions. The time when global warming becomes serious will be the time after the people die.
However, their children and grandchildren face the reality of increasing global warming.

Greta Thunberg will be able to collaborate with generations who are facing the reality of the increasing global warming.

About possible measures for Greta Thunberg.

If they choose to stop global warming, they will need to acquire an energy source that does not emit greenhouse gases.
The clean energy currently being developed may not be large enough.
I propose the development of nuclear fusion.
And all mankind will need to set for the purpose of full-scale space advance. The human race seeks a place of survival in the universe for the preservation of races.
To make this happen, it is necessary to acquire a powerful energy source at a low cost.
By clearly setting the purpose, all intentions and powers are concentrated to achieve the purpose. This will overcome the challenges necessary to achieve the objectives.
In order to develop nuclear fusion seriously, the purpose that nuclear fusion is indispensable will be necessary.
If human beings can acquire a powerful energy source at low cost, it will be possible to recover greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and dispose of radioactive waste in outer space.

If they choose to live on a warmed earth, they will need to radically change their way of life. For example, in the case of Japan, on the assumption that flooding will always occur, the first floor of the house will be a channel through which flooded water flows.
For example, housing may be an option either at sea or underwater.
For example, you might consider this as a real thing.

If this is not realized, young people may not survive.
I'm going to pose a problem to many people.

If Greta Thunberg and the younger generations start acting to open up the future on their own, there will be a lot of possibilities for movement.

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