NO.223 If the war between the United States and Iran is not stopped, it will be a big blow to the Japanese economy. ... Let Iran participate in the Belt and Road.

If the United States and Iran are at war, it is impossible to navigate tankers in the Holmes Strait. If Japan's oil reserves have bottomed out, the Japanese economy will be hit hard.

In other words, Japan must avoid the war between the United States and Iran, whatever measures it takes.
During a large Iranian demonstration, security forces shot and killed several young people participating in the demonstration. Iran's domestic situation will deteriorate rapidly. Until that time, Iranian people trusted the Iranian government. Perhaps for religious reasons.
I believe that the Iranian people's trust in the Iranian government has collapsed due to the shooting of these young people.

Someone will try to take advantage of this situation.
With the deterioration of Iran's domestic situation, the risk of war between the United States and Iran will increase rapidly.

We must quickly find a way to avoid the war between America and Iran.

Let Iran join the Belt and Road.

Russia participated in the Belt and Road.
Russia's participation in the Belt and Road will form a land-based silk road that connects Europe and the Middle East via the vast Russia from China.
It will be difficult for China to join the Volunteer Union. China has chosen to receive supply of natural gas and oil from Russia. Participation in Russia's Belt and Road has been decided.

With the participation in Russia's Belt and Road, this land-based Silk Road will extend to the Middle East.

By solving the problem of Kurdish armed forces near the border between Turkey and Syria, Russia will be able to establish a cooperative relationship between Turkey and Syria.

The road to participation in the Belt and Road in the Middle East will be opened.

What is needed for every belt is peaceful stability of the world situation. Participating countries are required to have peaceful coexistence with neighboring countries.

In other words, when a country participates in the Belt and Road, it proves its will for peace.

China and Russia will insist on this one-and-one-way policy to the international community.
China and Russia will call on Iran to comply with its nuclear agreement, subject to Iran's participation in the Belt and Road.
And China and Russia will declare the cancellation of economic sanctions on Iran.
“Iran who participated in the Belt and Road no longer needs to develop nuclear weapons. Economic sanctions against Iran are no longer necessary.”
China and Russia will declare so.

In this situation, there would be no point in America for a war with Iran.

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