NO.221 Iranian security forces fired at protesters.

At first it would have been a peaceful demonstration.

A student who planned the demo called a large number of young people to participate in the demonstration with their smartphones, which was reported in an Internet news article.
Some demonstrators seemed to be mob and set fire to the building.
And security forces fired at the demonstrators, and it seems that multiple deaths have occurred.

Neither the demonstrators nor the security forces were initially willing to shed blood. Various people gather in the demonstrators. There will always be people who run into riot acts.
Security forces fired at such mob. With one shot, everything will be over.

Protesters' youth would have trusted the Iranian government.

The motives of the young people would have been to convey their voice to the Iranian government. “We are in a relationship of trust.” The Iranian government and Iranian people would have thought so.
The Iranian would have never imagined being shot by Iranian government security forces.

Young people were shot by Iranian government security forces. A friend was shot dead in front of young people.
A single bullet would have changed everything.
“The Iranian government shoots us.” The Iranian people understood that this was the case.
Iranians will make all future decisions based on this assumption. And will decide all future actions.

I think that the Iranian government lost the trust of the Iranian people because the security forces shot and killed the youth of the demonstrators.

Since Iranian people trusted the Iranian government, Iranian people have endured the economic hardship caused by economic sanctions.
If Iranians can no longer trust the Iranian government, they will not be able to withstand economic hardship.

All the people of the Iranian government are wealthy. Even if the Iranian economy falls into crisis, the people of the Iranian government can survive.
Because such people do not quit nuclear development, the United States will not stop economic sanctions. The Iranian economy falls into crisis, and Iranians cannot live.
Iranians would think so.
Iranians will be unbearable.

I think the current administration will collapse. Because Iranians are Muslims, they will want an Islamic regime. If a new Islamic power emerges, a change of government will occur.

I think it ’s an unfortunate accident. The students who planned the demo would not have expected some participants to riot. Because of the tense situation, demonstrators and security forces may have lost control of themselves. This caused an unfortunate accident.

I want to stop the war between America and Iran.

Suggest to participate in Iran's Belt and Road. Russia will also participate in the Belt and Road. There are several Muslim republics in Russia. Iran thinks that we can cooperate with these Islamic Republics inside Russia because they have a common purpose.
I may not understand the relationship between Muslim countries and Muslim countries.

If Iran joins the Belt and Road, American economic sanctions will be ineffective.
Participants in the Belt and Road will be required for peaceful coexistence with other countries. Participation in Iran's Belt and Road will prove Iran's willingness to peace. The United States will not be able to oppose this for a long time.

Once the US and Iran are at war, tankers will not be able to navigate the Holmes Strait. It will be a big blow to the Japanese economy. The Abe administration collapses.
Let's say to the Japanese government and threaten it.
And let the Japanese government cooperate in avoiding the war between America and Iran.

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