NO.220 Principles of global situation catastrophe Influential people respect only the wealthy

Influential people respect only the wealthy. People of the wealthy will never change the behavior.

This causes a catastrophe in world affairs. It would be impossible to prevent catastrophe. Assuming that catastrophe occurs, people need to find a way to survive.

For example, it is impossible to prevent global warming.

Sea level rises 10 meters. Every year, giant hurricanes and giant typhoon repeatedly infestation. It is repeated a huge heat wave and flood. Many people are sacrificed.
Such a situation always occurs. Young people in particular will need to find a way to survive on this premise.

No matter how much young people like Greta appeal for global warming measures, prevention of global warming will not be realized in the end.
The meeting is repeated endlessly. However, no problem is solved.

“Influential people respect only the wealthy. The wealthy never change their behavior.”
This principle of behavior will not change until the catastrophe is realized. Even if a catastrophe is realized, the reality may not be seen directly.

People with influence, to respect only the people who will share the economic benefits.

For this principle, solve problems that do not currently resolve will be impossible.
Those who do not have wealth may be given a chance. That case would be the case where the person would benefit the rich.
Only those with wealth and those with wealth cooperate. Those who do not have wealth and who are disadvantaged to those who have wealth will never be given a chance. And, perhaps, the person who does not have the wealth, will be cleverly eliminated. Problems that can be solved by those with wealth will have already been solved.
A large number of people are capable of solving problems by the idea of ​​initiative, it would have already been solved.

Assume the existence of an idea envisioned by someone who does not have wealth. Suppose no one else could have imagined the idea. Problems that can only be solved with that idea will not be solved.
The idea is not widely proposed to people around the world.

The current global economy will be in the state just before entering the Great Depression. In the current ultra-low interest rate environment, if even slightly raise interest rates, the world economy will be plunged into the Great Depression. Wealthy people will not face this reality.
It seems to me that influential people continue to cooperate only to keep the wealthy people getting profits.
Ideas that can properly explain the principles of the Great Depression and ideas that can properly solve the Great Depression will not be communicated to people.

For this reason, the rush to the Great Depression of the world economy, will not be suppressed.

Ideas conceived by those who do not have wealth and no one else conceived will not be searched for in the top.

In order to be the top search on the Internet search engine, you need to provide a rich amount of information.
This is not possible on sites that are maintained and operated by powerless individuals.
Site a large organization is run is top search. Imagine someone who has an idea that no one else envisions. The idea that the person who has initiative, no one else will not agree.
The person never participates in a site run by a large organization.
Because there are very few people in favor of other people, they can only maintain the site as a powerless individual.

Who can join a site run by a large organization? Prominent people, people who already have a social status, or who have received a higher education at a university.
In other words, ideas introduced on a site run by a large organization are limited to ideas already introduced by someone else.
The idea to solve the problem of unresolved, in the site where large organizations operated, this will not be introduced.

Ideas that can solve open problems are excluded from the Internet.

People who participate in sites run by large organizations participate to make money. Good ideas that are different from their ideas are disadvantageous to them.
Therefore, people with ideas that are aggregated to the majority will try to eliminate minority opinions.
If they find minority opinions in the same genre as theirs, they will mobilize their organizational strength and add information on that theme so that minority opinions are not top-searched.

If the Internet is the only way for minority opinions to be communicated to society, this only possibility will be closed.

The key is the ability of the AI ​​that manages Google ’s search system.

AI can examine every single article on the Internet. How much of the ability to Google's AI is, I think that is also the key to separate the fate of mankind.

AI at the moment seems to be reviewed by the amount of information provided by the Internet article.
Other than that, the number of people who appreciate the article. The number of good, share and bookmark.
Articles highly rated by many people are searched for at the top.

AI will continue to evolve definitely. Moreover, it will continue to evolve rapidly in a short time.
I think that AI can hope to be able to extract rare ideas that can solve unsolved problems from a huge amount of information.

However, this may not be relevant to me.

I might lose the meaning of living.

I am 61 years old now. My last hope is to get married and have children. If I lose fertility, I lose the meaning of living.
I have thought about the case where I got cancer. I refuse to treat cancer that would cause me to lose fertility. I concluded that. At that time, I will end my life. I decided that way.

When I lose fertility, I don't try to avoid human catastrophe. At that time, that someone tries to use me, I do not allow absolutely.
I have been exercising my ability to serve people. I use that ability for retaliation at that time. That's how the heart is decided.

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