NO.219 It would be impossible to prevent global warming.

The reason why wealthy people never stop pursuing only economic benefits is the root cause of preventing global warming.

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People in developing countries will never stop emitting greenhouse gases.

People in developed countries have built up their assets by continuing to emit greenhouse gases in the past. People in developed countries are already trying to transform their industrial structure after building up their assets.
Developed countries should bear the costs of global warming countermeasures. People in developing countries seem to continue to insist.
In other words, developing countries will not take countermeasures against global warming unless developed countries bear the costs of countermeasures for global warming in developing countries.

Meaning that the global economy distributes most of the world's wealth to a few rich people.

With the current global ultra-low interest rates, the amount of currency supplied to society is abundant. However, most of the currency is distributed to a few wealthy people. As a result, there will be a shortage of funds in society as a whole.
In other words, the cost of global warming countermeasures will be exhausted on a global scale.
In the US, interest rates were raised slightly after the ultra-low interest rate policy after the Lehman shock. As a result, the Great Depression was about to occur in the American economy.

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As a result, real estate prices soared, and young people who graduated from middle-class universities become homeless without paying rent. The young man works for a company.
Such cases are increasing.
As a result, Democratic Socialists of America
Gathered support.

American managers can only secure their own interests. There is no room to do other things.
Companies in developing countries can only secure profits by the method of discharging a large amount of greenhouse gases that has continued since the past. They have no room for global warming countermeasures.

There is a shortage of funds available for global warming countermeasures on a global scale.
There will be no other option than wealthy people who are prepared for the loss and donate funds to combat global warming.

I think young people around the world will have to find ways to survive on the premise of global warming.

It is absolutely impossible to prevent global warming. Given this, especially young people will have to find a way to survive.
The sea level rises 10 meters all over the world, and every year, it is attacked by several huge typhoons and huge hurricanes, hit by heat waves and floods, and continues to cause many casualties.
In such a world, young people will have to survive. Young people will have to deal with this.

I am 61 now and will not give up on getting married and having children until I die. However, if I lose fertility, I lose the meaning of staying alive.
At that time, global warming becomes a problem unrelated to me.

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