NO.218 The purpose of space development. Humanity seeks a living space in the great universe.

In order to survive the descendants of humanity, we will advance into the universe.

If the living space of mankind is confined to the earth, someday human extinction will occur. Because human beings are living organisms, humans will choose their behavior according to the instincts of race conservation. Humans should seek a place of survival in the universe in order to continue living as living creatures.

Then, even if the earth is destroyed, there is a high possibility that some of the descendants of mankind will survive.

Suppose that I am now 61 years old and my wife gave birth to my child. I want some of my descendants to survive somewhere in the universe.
This would be my desire as a creature due to the instinct for conservation of the race.

I think humanity will seek to advance into the universe in search of a living space. For the instinct of race preservation.

Importance of clearly setting the purpose of space development

By clearly setting the purpose, all intentions and powers will be rationally introduced for that purpose.
By setting the great universe as the living space of mankind, a vision of space development for that purpose will be built.

Up to now, the vision of space development has set this earth as the living space of mankind. For this reason, all ideas were constrained by this setting.

When the great universe is set as the living space of humankind, the concept that was previously only in the world of sci-fi fiction will be conceived as a reality.
For example, a planetary space station like Death Star in the movie Star Wars will be envisioned as a reality.

The resources of the great universe are inexhaustible. There is no shortage of raw materials used to build Death Star. The biggest neck will be power. Power is all about the neck.

The reason why recycling is difficult on the earth today is that energy costs are a bottleneck.
If an inexhaustible energy source with a cost of zero is available, the resource problem on the planet will be solved. There is no essential difference between making metal materials from natural ores or by recycling.
It also solves the problem of processing greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and waste plastics. These will be essentially recycling.

If humanity acquires an inexhaustible energy source with a cost close to zero, everything will be solved.
You may start with nuclear fusion at first.

Generate metal materials from resources and construct machinery. If this machine is an automated system that expands and grows, it will grow into a larger machine over time.
Eventually, a huge space station will be built.

This will not happen at this time. The reason is that this is a story only in a fictional world. So only fiction writers can conceive.
However, if such a thing is set as a real purpose, a competent scientist will seriously conceive. This will make this happen.
In past history, talented scientists have accomplished what has been thought of as cock-and-bull.
Few science fiction writers have envisioned the current quantum computer. Even in the concept that seems to be cock-and-bull, by setting this as a real purpose, competent scientists have achieved this.

What happens if the purpose of space development is set to make the living space of mankind a great universe?

Each country's space development project will change from the foundation.
Even if the earth is destroyed, the goal is for someone who is a descendant of mankind to continue living somewhere in the vast outer space.
The descendants of mankind will undoubtedly be a different species from homosapiens. Still, is it okay?
Today's homosapiens make this choice according to the instinct of species conservation as living organisms.

First of all, human beings who have exploded population on the earth will advance into the outer space. What to do after humanity has entered the great universe? Let the people who decide to live in the great universe decide.
People living on the earth now do not know anything about living in the outer space.
It would not be appropriate for the people living on the earth to select who will be designated as living in the universe.
Give all people the opportunity to choose, regardless of ethnicity or nationality.

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