NO.217 Probable future of humanity 1   Population explosion in developing countries

Isn't the cause of the population explosion in the instinct of race preservation as human beings?

Consider the evolutionary process that mankind has followed. The ancestors of mankind have always been weak. In order to escape from natural enemies, we have always sought the opportunity for the race to survive by making the harsh environment a living space.
Human ancestors have evolved various organs to adapt to harsh environments.
Current human intelligence is supported by the evolution of these various organs.

The strong men at that time ruled an environment that favored survival. The strong did not need to evolve. For this reason, the strong people were destroyed by the drastic changes in the environment.

The fact that a female gives birth to many children means that the chances for the offspring to survive increase.
A female giving birth to many children means an increased chance of evolution.

There are many creatures in which one female gives birth to a huge number of children. The organism has survived in an environment that is advantageous for survival because it can survive even if it is preyed by natural enemies.

The weak human ancestors chose a way to keep the race in a harsh environment while carefully protecting a few children.
The ancestors of the weak mankind were not longevity. The generation change was repeated in a short cycle. This has become an advantage for evolution.

Potential for human race to continue

A population explosion would be necessary. The chance of human evolution will increase. Humans have the fewest number of children a single female lays at a time. Therefore, human women need to give birth repeatedly.
If there is currently limited space where humans can survive, humans will need to enter a harsh environment.

Humanity has chosen to give birth to a few children at a time. The human race has chosen the way to keep the race by surviving all the born children.
There will be a need for humanity to find a way to keep the tribe alive by surviving all of the long-lived human beings today.

Mankind will need to enter a harsh environment in search of a new living space.
If the danger of threatening the living sphere of existing creatures on earth is a problem, humanity should advance into space.

Provide all born human beings with the chance to continue maximizing their survival. Still, many people may not survive.
However, there is a high possibility that humankind will gradually evolve and human descendants will survive.

By changing generations, the future humanity will be suitable for survival in space.

It would be impossible to prevent global warming.

Because wealthy people will never stop trying to keep increasing their assets.
The root cause of global warming is that wealthy people will not stop increasing their assets.
The wealthy would argue that greenhouse gas emissions from developing countries are responsible for global warming. This is not the root cause. This will be proven over time.
However, when wealthy people have to face the truth, it will be impossible to prevent global warming.
At that time, President Trump may withdraw the remark that “global warming is the upsurge of China”.
President Trump will buy Greenland from Denmark and over-develop it to promote global warming. And the few undeveloped worlds on Earth will be lost.

repeat. It is impossible to prevent global warming. All influencers of the whole world only support those with wealth. All influential people can only think of sharing wealth.
They do not look at those who do not have wealth at all.
And wealthy people share wealth only with those who benefit their own economy.

A powerless individual is not given any speech. It is difficult to search for top-ranked blogs of powerless individuals. Organizational skills are required for high-level search.
In the present world, there will be no benefit of free speech.

Stopping global warming is absolutely impossible.
Mankind will have to think about surviving on the premise of a world where global warming is irreversible.

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