NO.216 Dear Khamenei. Iran ’s supreme leader.

There was an English version of Twitter account. DM is also open to everyone.

He is prepared to give up his life for the faith of Islam. It seems that anyone can post DM. However, once posted, it seems that it cannot be deleted.
As Iran continues to face military tensions with the United States, it has opened an English version of Twitter to open DM to everyone. It will be opened after preparing for the danger.
There is a danger of being used by people who intend to attack Iran.
“He set up Twitter and used it for terrorism,” and would be at risk of being attacked.

Therefore, the person who contributes should also post with reasonable respect.

In addition to his English account, he has an Arabic account.

I may post to his DM.

In June, he sent a public message from the English account to Prime Minister Abe in Japan.
Islamic religious leaders are ordinary people. Muhammad is not a saint. They have wives and descendants.

Mr. Khamenei and the people of the Iranian government seem to be able to agree. They did not try to secretly carry out nuclear development. They continued to disclose the progress of nuclear development to the US and nuclear agreement countries.
Because the United States has violated the nuclear agreement, Iran has also declared nuclear development.
Iran continued to do exactly what it declared. Iran will keep track of the situation calmly. Iran can make good judgments.
If Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons as it is, the US and nuclear agreement countries will go to war. Iran will understand this.

I have spoken to an Iranian person on Instagram. “The United States always makes unilateral demands and does not yield. It has been the case since the Iranian Revolution. We have determined that discussions with the United States are impossible,” he said. .

Iran is a Muslim country. If Iran perished as a result of keeping Allah's way, it would be possible to go to heaven.
A second IS may be born on the land after Iran's destruction.

I have respect for Iranians.

I want to tell Khamenei.

My past article.

I would like to ask him to arbitrate a settlement between the Chinese government and Uyghur people.
Belt and Road, where Russia participated, reaches the Middle East. Participation in Iran's Belt and Road will benefit both Belt and Road and Iran.
Belt and Road needs peaceful stability of the situation. Participation in Iran's Belt and Road proves Iran's willingness to peace.
Now, the country that is hostile to Iran understands that Iran wants peace.
I think the construction of a world without war is the purpose of Islam. I believe that the construction of a world without war is the path of Allah.
For this purpose, I would like to arbitrate the settlement between the Chinese government and the Uyghur tribe.

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