NO.215 To all members of the Japan Uyghur Association

I would like to make an effort to mediate the settlement between Uyghur and the Chinese government.

The Uyghur and Han people can coexist peacefully. And I conclude that it is the best option for both.

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Until now, I have written articles for multiple people asking for cooperation. I expect them to read my article.

I'll declare that the following is not something that you can easily refute.
My article may not be easily refuted not only by you but also by leaders from around the world.

I conclude that Islam will be the key to world peace. I feel that the construction of Dar al-Isram will be the key to world peace.
It seems to me that in the real world situation, the factors for the construction of Dar al-Isram are prepared.

The Quran, the scriptures and Islamic law are the prophecies of Allah. Because Allah knows everything about the future, the Quran also describes the future. The scriptures that interpreted the Quran and Islamic law also write about the future.

Allah's prophecy cannot be understood by humans until it is realized. Dar al-Isram cannot be understood by Muslims until it is realized. Jihad is an effort to build Dar al-Isram. Many Muslims could only interpret jihad as a holy war. But Jihad may be a peaceful way. Dar al-Isram is a world without war.
Man cannot understand Allah's truth. Humans cannot interpret the Quran correctly. So if that person interprets and executes the Quran, he goes to heaven. I think Islam has this principle.

The purpose of Dar al-Isram is to realize the purpose of the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations has not realized this, but Dar al-Isram does this. This is a prophecy of Islamic law.

If I write so far, I think you will understand what I am saying seriously.

My thoughts on Islam

The Chinese government has difficulty understanding Islam. For this reason, the Chinese government cannot help doubting the possibility that the Uyghur are terrorists.

To that end, the Chinese government is trying to make all the Uyghur people Han.
There may also have been Uighurs who sympathize with Usamavin Laden and choose the same behavior as some Muslims. I think that the Chinese government who cannot understand Islam has allegations that it is a terrorist for all Uyghurs.

China needs peaceful coexistence with all ethnic groups in the world. This can be explained logically.
China is contemplating and realizing the Belt and Road in order to continue to survive. Belt and Road is an economic zone shared by all participating countries. What Belt and Road needs is peaceful stability of the world situation.
In other words, Belt and Road needs coexistence and mutual prosperity between Han and other nations. For this reason, China has chosen Belt and Road.

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I want to realize the reconciliation between the Chinese government and the Uyghur people. For this purpose, this article is being created.

Now let me mention one. I disagree with Uyghur's current independence from China. The risk is too great.
Details are mentioned in my previous article linked above.
Once Uyghur is separated from China, it is obliged to operate the state properly. I think Uyghur can't do this. Uyghur has failed twice in the past. The next will be catastrophic.

I don't know what the future will be. Separation independence is not itself the purpose of Uyghur.
The Chinese government needs the Uyghurs. The only people in China who can communicate with the Islamic Republic in Russia are the same Muslim Uyghur.

If the Chinese government had the intention to seriously repress the Uyghurs, it would have chosen a more effective means.
There are 20 million Uighurs against 1.4 billion Han. The Uyghur tribe will become isolated if Han people settle in the vast Uyghur land and form a community.
Many ethnic groups live in the Uyghur Autonomous Region. Some people may not be friendly with the Uyghur tribe. It would be possible to provide economic benefits to the people who cooperate with the Chinese government and to isolate the Uyghur people in cooperation.
And if terrorist acts occur, the Chinese government will crack down.
Concentration camps will not be used.

Let's continue to seek cooperation from various people in the settlement of the Chinese government and the Uyghur people.
I conclude that the reconciliation between the Chinese government and the Uyghurs would also benefit me.

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