NO.214 Everyone in Hong Kong. The US government is sick and tired of you. Don't you notice?

The meaning of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

The following description was excerpted from article No.207.

“” The bill was passed by the US Senate and House. And it was issued by President Trump.
The United States put this bill on China, with the pride of democrats. “Prove the pride of China.” The United States urged China.

The United States has respected China's two-country system and has granted Hong Kong preferential treatment not allowed in other parts of China.
This time, if the United States decided that China would repress democracy, it decided to abolish the preferential treatment.
This would be the fact that the United States acknowledged that Hong Kong is part of China.
It is natural that there are no special incentives.

The US declared sanctions to individuals who suppressed democracy.
Individuals who can defeat such sanctions will be a shame as a governor.

Trump President, we spoke and signed the bill with a salute to Xi Jinping Excellency, exactly, would be the street. ""

It is said that if the US withdraws preferential treatment for Hong Kong, it will be a blow to the Chinese economy.
However, it will be a big blow for the Hong Kong economy more than the Chinese economy.

The United States has declared sanctions on China, no matter what happens to Hong Kong.

When China threatens Hong Kong's democracy, Hong Kong demonstrations do whatever they want. International students will have to escape from Hong Kong. Tourists do not come to Hong Kong. Companies that have entered Hong Kong will have to withdraw.
I wonder if many people are crying to the US government to do something.
Isn't the US government sick and tired of Hong Kong demos?

The Chinese government has not lost. “If the US government sanctioned, I will not allow the US to help Hong Kong.”
The Chinese government has announced a sanctions that bans American ships from stopping in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong sweet chocolate boys who have been spoiled by the United States and China. Did you notice this?

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