NO.213 The youngest Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo was criticized for discriminating against the Chinese.

A graduate school administrator at the University of Tokyo accused the associate professor. The manager lacks logical judgment.

Let's start with the conclusion. This associate professor is not discriminating against Chinese.

This person has just announced that he is a company run by the company and does not hire Chinese. Depending on occupational requirements, the applicant's nationality may be a problem.
If you are a company that is involved in state secrets, you will only hire people with nationality from that country.

In the United States, Muslims may be restricted from entering the country. Many American companies will not hire Muslims.

Christians have difficulty understanding Muslims. For that reason, Christians recognize the possibility of being terrorists against all Muslims.
Reference article.

The US government is suspected of Chinese cyber terrorism. Therefore, in the United States, many companies will refrain from hiring Chinese.

These are all company policies. It is important for companies to announce recruitment policies. Applicants will apply to companies that target them.

From the perspective of the Chinese, the Chinese will not apply for such a messy company from the beginning.
If the person is an excellent Chinese, there will be many companies that employ that person.
For the Chinese, it would have been appreciated that he clarified the recruitment criteria.
There is no problem at all.

Those who run graduate schools at the University of Tokyo were unable to make logical decisions. They determined that the associate professor discriminated against the Chinese.

The case of lack of logical thinking is not limited to this. I'm sick. So I launched this article.
There is no problem for me if there are people who are doing what they want in the deep mountain valleys that have nothing to do with me.
However, they are people in a position to influence my life. I can't stand it.

Many people from the University of Tokyo lack logical thinking ability.

The University of Tokyo is a university that represents Japan. There must be a reality that many people recognize.
Those from the University of Tokyo will be advisers of parliamentarians.

If there was a lack of logic in the official remarks of the Diet members, it would be concluded that the University of Tokyo graduates who were advisers of the Diet members lacked the logical thinking ability. .
The following is an article that raised the issue of the lack of logic in the official remarks of the Diet members.

Although it wasn't in the article, is it the case of RIKEN STAP cell problem? The role of Nature magazine is to introduce research results. It is inconvenient if the procedure is incomplete until the conclusion is reached. Nature magazine just pointed out this.
RIKEN should have corrected the inadequacies and resubmitted the research results. If the conclusion was incorrect or the validation was insufficient, it would have been resolved either withdrawing the report or resubmitting the report after sufficient validation.
The verification of the appropriateness of the conclusions of the report is a task that researchers around the world should do after being introduced by Nature.

RIKEN made it a data forgery problem and did something like a secret police investigation.
RIKEN will be under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was unable to make a logical decision.

There's no point in saying that the University of Tokyo is the best in Japan among the frogs in the well.

In university rankings by people from other countries, the ranking of Japanese universities is steadily decreasing. People from other countries will determine the ranking of universities in other countries based on their utility value.
The ranking of the University of Tokyo is steadily decreasing. Kyoto University is one rank below the University of Tokyo.

People from other countries will go mad to win the future. Universities in such countries will continue to improve quality.
The University of Tokyo gathers people with special qualities that can be said to be extraordinary. From the surrounding people, it will look like a genius group.
However, people with special qualities also need to be trained and trained to bloom their talents. Otherwise, they can't solve problems in the real world.
The University of Tokyo may not be enough for a training organization for students with special qualities. As a result, many students graduate without being trained in logical thinking.
Since such people become brains, the judgment of Japanese parliamentarians is completely lacking in logic.

I am interested in those who have special qualities gathering at the University of Tokyo. They may not be able to do what other people can do. And they may be aware of the disadvantages. That's what humans are. Those with good qualities also have significant weaknesses. Having a sense of crisis at the limits of one's ability is a condition of capable humans.

I think the University of Tokyo will collapse soon. It wo n’t last long. That's how it felt. I expect it.
If the University of Tokyo collapses, those with special qualities will witness the reality that the University of Tokyo was a fantasy. They will experience the fall of heaven and earth.
This experience will turn those with special qualities into talented professionals with no credit.
Dr. Takeyoshi Kawashima, Masao Maruyama, and Hisao Otsuka are scholars respected by Prof. Naoki Komuro. These teachers were able to see the essence of the social situation and the world situation by witnessing the fall of heaven and earth, the fall of the Dainippon Empire.
With this experience, I think these teachers would have been successful as talented scholars like monsters.

Those with special qualities will rebuild the University of Tokyo. The reconstructed University of Tokyo will be completely different from the current University of Tokyo.
This will be possible.
Universities in developing countries have grown rapidly in a short period of time. One after another, we are overtaking the University of Tokyo.

I cannot pass the University of Tokyo exam. My aptitude is something else. Jobs that require talent to pass the University of Tokyo exam will be entrusted to those who have that ability.
And I take on a job that requires my aptitude. Role sharing is established. No problem.
Now I absolutely hate being scored by people who can only make such decisions. That's why I don't want to go to the University of Tokyo.

The above youngest associate professor said on Twitter.

I didn't post a link to this blog. I didn't know and seemed to have repeatedly spammed.
I didn't think spam from my blog to my account was considered spam.

I was warned of a violation of the rules from Facebook, but there was no explanation of what was violating. Facebook has closed my account, but it's fine for me.
I avoid putting links to my blog on Twitter.
My Twitter account web page is linkedin. My Linkedin account has a link to this blog.

The following is the text I asked. I asked 3 times.

Isn't it explained logically so that we can understand? Pig farmers don't hire Muslims. There will be a translation for those who apply. It will be the same. The Chinese would not have any problem because they would not apply for such a messy company.

I'll give you a blog. I will not name you. It ’s not such a blog. Does not link. (I may) get angry by Google and Twitter. Say hello to you.

Are you a serious person? There is no doubt that you are an excellent person. No one can make mistakes. Because talented people will be entrusted with difficult tasks. You may lose control of yourself because of the hard burden. You will continue to do wonderful work.

When he noticed a mistake, he made a quick correction. He never gave up while he believed he was right.

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