NO.212 Considerations for Sunni Islam and Shia Islam Let's consider the essence of Islam.

Problems in the world situation. Is Islam the key to the solution?

Isn't the weak who are seeking help from all over the world gathering in Islam? So there is an armed conflict in Muslims.
The weapons used by Islamic armed groups are made by Christian society, including Russia. There are currently no Chinese weapons available to Islamic armed groups. I think that Chinese weapons won't be in the hands of people outside of China unless trouble occurs.

There may be various problems in the world situation, and the weak may often be involved in these problems.
Therefore, Islam may inevitably be the key to solving these problems.

If the cooperation of Muslims is obtained, it will be extremely useful for solving various problems.

I examined Sunni Islam and Shia Islam in Japanese version of Wilipdia.

I've been thinking about Islam, but it seems to be generally appropriate. See past articles.

Interpreting Quran and trying to execute Allah's commandments is the same. However, it seems that the difference between the two is who interprets responsibly.

Quran's interpretation seems to have been very difficult for Muslims since the time of Muhammad.
All Quran descriptions are abstract. Muslims try to interpret it by applying it to the real situation at hand.
Quran's description is a letter that Allah carved on a slab in heaven. Muhammad went to heaven and read the letters on the stone. After returning from heaven, Muhammad remembers what was written on the slate, tells the people around him, and what the people around recorded is Quran. Muhammad seemed unable to write.

In Islam, Muhammad and all religious leaders and prophets are ordinary people. The ordinary person interprets the Quran in the abstract description by applying it to the actual case in front of him.
A prophet in Islam is a person who reads Quran and interprets it himself.

Allah knows everything about the future. The future in the lithographs of heaven is also recorded. Therefore, Quran is a prophecy. And Islamic law and scriptures written by interpreting Quran are prophecies.
Here, scriptures and Islamic law may be exactly the same.

I have been thinking like this until now. After reading Shia Islam articles and Sunni Islam articles, I was able to explain if I thought like my previous thoughts.

Sunni Islam

Muhammad and his group of friends became Islamic organizations. While Muhammad was alive, the people in the group entrusted Muhammad's interpretation of Quran.
After Muhammad died, everyone in the group consulted and decided on an interpretation. It seems that the content gathered in the opinions of the majority was interpreted.

Shia Islam

Excerpt from an article on Wikipedia.

Only Ali [1], a 7th century caliph, and his descendants are qualified to represent the prophet and have the right to succeed the “Imam” duties of the “Islamic Community (Umma)” Insist.

Ally seems to have been an adopted son of Muhammad. Perhaps he left Quary to Ally and his descendants.

The reason why Islam was divided into other denominations.

It would be difficult to interpret Quran and apply it to the actual situation.
The content of Quran is abstract. In other words, it can be interpreted in any way. There must have been divided opinions on how to interpret it properly.

Muhammad's interpretation was summarized in the scriptures. Muslims may have relied on Muhammad's interpretation. All the scriptures are a compilation of the interpretations of those whom the Muslims entrusted with interpretation.

Muhammad looked at the reality in front of him and interpreted Quran. If the times change and society changes, there will be no reason why Quran's interpretation should be the same as that by Muhammad.
Allah carved the letters on the stone board, knowing everything about the future. I think it's natural to look at the society of that era and think there is no reason to interpret it as inappropriate to interpret Quran.

The part of the Quran description about the future will not be understood by anyone until that time in the future. In other words, no one can understand the meaning of the prophecy until it is realized.

The person who wrote the prophecy in Islamic law wrote that part without understanding anything.

The possibility that all Muslims agree.

I think it is possible that all Muslims will come to the same conclusion about a certain prophecy in Islamic law, looking at the reality at hand.
I have mentioned the construction of Dar al-Isram, so here again I will pick up Dar al-Isram.

If all the Muslims looked at the reality in front of them and judged that “Dar al-Isram, which was prophesied in Islamic law, was this,” all of all denominations Muslims will agree on a unified interpretation of prophecy.

I think that such a possibility can be expected.

Expect my blog post to be read by as many Muslims as possible to judge my post.
Muslims are the people who have repeatedly interpreted Quran and scriptures numerous times. Let them rely on their judgment.

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