NO.211 Former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone passed away

Since he is a politician of belief, let me express my feelings towards him without a lie. 

Politicians are responsible for consequences. It's all about the consequences of the work done by the politician.
It is a respect to Mr. Nakasone to express my honest feelings to Mr. Nakasone.
I launched this article to express my respect for Mr. Nakasone. For others, I would have been silent. Because I judge that it is not worth launching an article.

“The total account of post-war politics.” Is a word of delusion.

Nakasone is a politician who could not envision an appropriate vision.
He assumed the post-war politics total slogan and assumed the post of Prime Minister.
Probably, the world situation after World War II was not able to be recognized appropriately.
After the end of World War II, the world situation changed radically. The global economy has changed from imperialism, where the powers depended on colonial management, to a free trade system in which the colonies are all independent.

The situation should have always changed. New changes have created a new situation. The administration would have always had to respond to the newly demanded next request.
“Total results.” Is just a play of words, and a word of delusion.

Constitutional amendment

He was nothing but old harm. He would have kept sticking to making constitutional changes until he died.
The revised constitutional draft he envisioned did not know the specifics, but it was probably not good at all.

He will be free to envision a draft constitution. But he should have entrusted his ideas to young people. It was up to the young people to decide how to decide.
He should at least have done so.

Originally, the constitutional revision should not be made. The current Japanese constitution is functioning properly. The Japanese Constitution guaranteed basic human rights to the Japanese. The Constitution of Japan continued to ensure that young people made choices based on responsible free will.
After the old people who could only catastrophic Japan in World War II were gone, young people began to open up new things that they had never before.

The Constitution of the Japanese Empire caused the tragedy of World War II. Therefore, it was necessary to establish a Japanese constitution.

The times should be built by young people. Young people live responsibly for the choices they make. Old people do not live until they are fully accountable.
By taking responsibility for the current choice, the future is built. The only people who can do this are young people.
The elderly should entrust the times to young people.

In order for him to fulfill this principle, it would have been the time of his retirement when he disclosed the amendment. He retires as he entrusts his amendment to a young man who he regards as his successor.
This is because he does not have any subsequent interference. This is because the successor he has gained everything to make his choice at his own responsibility.

Did he not know how the Japanese Constitution was established? If he knew, he would understand what would happen if the Japanese Constitution was changed.

Invalidity of SF Peace Treaty. Invalidation of Japan's participation in the United Nations. Discard the Japan-US Security Treaty. Constitutional amendments at these costs are one of Japan's options.
If we were to insist on a constitutional amendment, this problem should have been raised first in Japanese society.
If this is the prime minister of Japan, this level is natural.

He gave his recommendation against the war when he was in service as evidence that he was worthy of a national leader.

He seems to have stated that he said he opposed it because it was a war that could not win. The task of the national leader is to avoid war if it is against war. It is his responsibility to suggest ways to avoid war and persuade the government.
If you can't do that, you should be silent.
And his judgment was not correct. Japan was able to win the war with the United States. When the attack on Pearl Harbor was successful, repeated attacks on Pearl Harbor should have been repeated.
At least if the fuel facility was destroyed, the US Navy was completely inoperable for over six months. In the meantime, if the Japanese Navy seized the Middle East from the Indian Ocean, then the war was over.
Before that, America would have wanted early peace. It seems that in the United States, soldiers in full-time positions point out that way. Nakasone knows this and is no wonder.

But if it did, America would have chosen retaliation. The United States never forgives those who attacked the mainland.
This is because American citizens are afraid of being attacked by the mainland.
“The United States has won against those who attacked the mainland.” The United States needs this fact.

The era after World War II would have been an era of American retaliation against Japan. This war will be a battle for quantity. Japan would eventually be defeated.

When Japan could not avoid the war, everything was over for Japan.
Whatever measures are taken, the start of the war is prevented. Resolve war-causing problems in a peaceful manner. This is the job of politicians.
The status of the person making the proposal is irrelevant. Make recommendations to political leaders and realize that leaders accept them. This is the bargaining power. A competent politician will surely accomplish this.

He should have been silent because he could not do this.

He didn't understand this.

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