NO.209 Dear Sir Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan Imram Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan 1 For Uyghurs

I would like to ask for help to Chinese Uyghur people.

I am a Japanese who lives in Japan. I think the Chinese government wants coexistence with Uighur people. However, the Chinese government cannot understand Muslims. I think the Chinese government is afraid that Uyghur Muslims don't know when they will become terrorists.
For that reason, I think the Chinese government is trying to make all the Uyghur people Han Chinese. That's why brainwashing education in concentration camps.

Pakistani will understand Al Qaeda. You will understand the Taliban. You will understand the people who are called in Christian society as Islamic fundamentalists. You are Muslim.

I tried to think about Islam. Please judge whether my judgment is appropriate.

If my judgment is appropriate, Christians will have difficulty understanding Muslims, right?

It is said in Japan that jihad is a holy war, but isn't it really understood by Muslims whether it is a holy war? At the moment, many Muslims interpret jihad as a holy war. I could only do it.
I decided that both Quran and Islamic law would be Allah's prophecy. Allah's prophecy cannot be understood by humans until it is realized.
Dar al-Isram, not yet realized. So even Muslims don't understand Dar al-Isram or Jihad.
Now Muslims also have war. The reason is probably because this world is Dar al-Harb.
Muslims living in Dar al-Harb cannot find a way to solve the problem without a war.
Once Dar al-Isram is realized, Muslims can find ways to avoid war.
The jihad that some Muslims perform is called suicide bombing by Christians. Some Muslims will do that jihad to go to heaven.
If Dar al-Isram is realized, Muslims will understand this. And Muslims will know that Jihad is a peaceful way.
Dar al-Isram is a world without war. So I think jihad would be a peaceful way.
Is it the Allah's order to Muslims to build a world without war?
I believe that Muslims who know that Jihad is a peaceful way will not engage in suicide attacks to go to heaven.

If people around the world support Islamic policy, I think that this would mean that Islamic sovereignty was established all over the world.
I don't think it's necessary to rule with power.
How about that?

I've created the following message addressed to His Excellency Xi Jinping.

I hope you all help the Uighur.

Best regards

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