NO.208 Dear Sirs Xi Jinping Excellency 2 Postscript on Uyghur people

The Uyghur people are Muslims. Islamic society is watching.

Watch the news of the Uyghur repression by the Chinese government in Japan. Japan's mass media are profiting from China. From the Japanese news, the right thing will not be conveyed to us.

However, the suspicion of the Uyghur repression by the Chinese government is also held in other countries. The UN is trying to send a monitoring team to Uyghur.

The Islamic countries will have the same suspicion. Muslim countries may have suspicion that China is an Islamic repressor.
The Belt and Road will need the participation of Islamic countries. I think China needs to prove to Islamic countries that it is not an Islamic repressor.

The Chinese government will recognize the Uighurs as terrorists. Such a case would have existed.
However, there is a good chance that the Uyghurs will not conduct any acts of terrorism. Uighur Muslims will change the interpretation of the Quran. This is explained at the end of this message.

China will change its policy on religion.

China would have been only interested in the domestic situation before. Today, it has become the world's second largest economy and has to live in a global situation.
Religion would have been used by those who opposed the Chinese Communist Party regime. Therefore, the Chinese government might have suppressed religion.
If a religious organization uses religious doctrine to coup with the Chinese government, the Chinese government will take countermeasures.
The Chinese government will only think of fulfilling its governance responsibility.
I think so.

The Chinese government will need coexistence with religion. For coexistence with countries around the world.
I think the Chinese government will choose coexistence with religion to fulfill its responsibility for governance. Belt and road will require the participation of various religious nations in the world.

The Chinese government will protect a religious organization on the condition that it cooperates with the Chinese government.
And I will make this proposal. Even if I do not make a proposal, the Chinese government may implement the measures I propose. The Chinese government may also make a completely different choice.

Cooperate in avoiding the separation and independence of Uyghur Autonomous Region.

I heard that the population of the Uyghur is about 20 million. The area of ​​Uyghur Autonomous Region is too large for 20 million people.
The Uyghur became independent twice in the past. However, all were short-lived nations. Separation independence is impossible for the Uighurs. Even if the Uyghurs are separated and independent, the regime will be short-lived. After the collapse of the administration, the Uyghur area will become a conflict zone.
Uyghur may choose to become a Russian tyranny. It will be a war between Russia and China.

There are more than 1 billion Han people. Settling in the Uyghur area is a natural process.
I think the best choice is that the Uyghur coexist with the Chinese government.
The Uyghur are Muslims. The Uyghurs can communicate with Muslims all over the world.
There are several Muslim republics in Russia. The Uyghurs will be the point of contact for communication with these Muslim republics in Russia.

I think participation in Russia's Belt and Road will be a huge profit for both China and Russia.
This is my article considering that. I think I'm judging the same thing as the Chinese government.

With the establishment of a cooperative relationship between Uyghur and China, it will be possible to participate in Russia's Belt and Road.

The Uyghurs have great utility value for the Chinese government. It is worth the Chinese government providing more to the Uyghur than the Russians provide to the Uyghur.
At present, the Chinese economy is more powerful than the Russian economy. The Chinese government will provide Uyghur more than Russia offers.
I think so.

I think Muslims may correct the Quran interpretation.

The following is a summary of the contents of past blog posts. Blogger's system determines that duplicate content is not appropriate. The following is a duplicate content, so link the past article that is the source.

For Muslims, the truth is the Quran account. However, Islam assumes that humans cannot interpret the Quran correctly.
So, in the Islamic doctrine, if the person interprets the Koran and executes the interpretation, I think that Allah's command will be regarded as being kept.
Man cannot understand Allah's truth. Therefore, Islam does not require that humans correctly interpret the Quran from the beginning.
In this way, we can understand the various actions of Muslims.

Quran is the word of Allah. The Quran is a book that Muhammad reads and puts in a book the words that Allah himself has carved into the stone.
Allah knows everything about the future. Therefore, the future will be described in the Quran.
Therefore, the Quran is a prophecy. Islamic law established by interpreting the Quran is also a prophecy.
Allah's prophecy cannot be understood by humans until it is realized.

In Islamic law, there is a description of jihad. Jihad is an effort to build Dar Alouisram. Many Muslims, including Islamic fundamentalists, interpreted jihad as a holy war.

Muslims up to now cannot judge whether Dar al-Isram has been realized.
But when Dar al-Isram is realized, Muslims will understand it. And then, Muslims will know the true meaning of jihad.

The important thing is that Muslims will believe that the Quran and Islamic law are Allah's prophecy.
Until now, Muslims would have known nothing more than I know about the essence of Allah's prophecy. That is the essence of Islam.

Muslims who died in Jihad go to heaven. Muslims do jihad to go to heaven. Since Islamic fundamentalists interpreted suicide bombings as jihad, they carried out suicide bombings to get to heaven.
So if you know that Jihad is a peaceful way, Islamic fundamentalists will not conduct suicide bombings.

The important thing is that it is assumed that Muslims will judge.

Dar al-Isram is a world without war. If the goal of Dar al-Isram is the same as the realization of the Belt and Road, they can coexist.

Sovereignty in Islamic society is not necessarily the same as in international studies.

I think coexistence with Dar al-Isram would be worth considering for China.
So I make this suggestion.

Best regards

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