NO.207 Dear Sirs Xi Jinping Excellency

I thought I'd get used to Xi Jinping Excellency and friends. This is because the minister fulfills his responsibility to govern the vast land of China and 1.4 billion people.

"Should what is done, what should not be done" an appropriate decision of, Xi Jinping Excellency is probably the person who may be made. Otherwise, he would not have been appointed as the Chinese president.

It would be a shameful shame as a person to speak to the minister who fulfills the responsibility of governance, who is not fulfilling any responsibility. However, it is safe to say my hope.

I affirm in advance. What Chinese politics will do is the Chinese people's responsibility to decide.
Even if the Chinese government executes what I said, it is a coincidence. I don't always understand the meaning of what I said. The Chinese government decides the policy under the responsibility of the Chinese government.
I am the person who understands this.

The Japanese government sometimes makes shameless statements. Regarding the Hong Kong demonstration, the former Foreign Minister demanded that Foreign Minister Wang Yi of China adhere to the principles of one country and two systems. Those who have no responsibility for China have interfered with domestic affairs with those who have fulfilled their responsibility to govern.
There seems to be no one in the Japanese government or Japanese parliamentarians who can understand to know shame.
Xi Jinping Excellency and the Chinese government of everyone,. Ignore the shameless remarks made by these people.

I hope that a democratic election will be realized in China. However, the election is not an election of choice.

A democratic election is realized in China. However, the election is an election that selects the governor. The Chinese administration is a one-party dictatorship in China. At the moment I think this is the most appropriate. Perhaps even in the future, a one-party dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party will be most appropriate.

The administration is obligated to fulfill its governance responsibilities. A government qualification is to fulfill the responsibility of governance. Democracy will not be appropriate to choose a government that will take responsibility for governance over China's vast land and 1.4 billion people.
Chinese people will not be able to determine who is appropriate to choose. Chinese people will want a regime that will benefit them. However, it will not be possible for the Chinese people to choose that regime.

“I demand that the people in charge of the regime give me a profit.” This is the intention of the Chinese people.
A regime that no longer benefits people is expelled from the seat. And new people take charge of the administration. This will be an ancient Chinese political choice.

Since ancient times, it has been said that democracy is not suitable for a great power. Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that democracy worked because it was the size of an ancient Greek city-state.
The United States is really too big to choose a president in an election. The United States has chosen to elect a president in the election for the national ideology. The United States has made great efforts to achieve this.
American citizens with the right to vote register in the electoral list and become electors. In the presidential election, each elector decides the elector who will be their representative by voting. The representative elector will vote for the presidential candidate.
Each state in the United States decides the candidates it supports based on the vote results of its state electors. And the candidate who was supported by the most states is elected President of the United States.

The United States decides the President of the United States based on the history of the United States. China will decide the governor according to the history of China.

I believe that the benefits of Chinese people choosing elections for familiar representatives are great. The purpose is to have the representative of the region deliver the real voice of the region to the Chinese government.

China will be too vast. The government will not see the details of the land.
I thought that the representatives of each region would deliver the voice of the region to the central government, so that the Chinese government would be able to know the true situation of society all over China.

It will be possible for the Chinese government to solve various difficult problems that China faces by knowing the actual situation of China.
The politicians will accomplish this to fulfill their responsibility to govern the vast land and 1.4 billion people.

I will point out one more thing. By realizing this election, Chinese people will be convinced that they are part of the People's Republic of China.
As a result, we do not know what outstanding characters will appear. “The Chinese government has asked me to make recommendations. The Chinese government has acknowledged me and thanked me.” If that person is proud, he will respond with a return.

I recognize this possibility. But I don't know the real reality. So I must state that I cannot take responsibility for this statement.

There may be a reason why the Chinese government is strengthening surveillance activities with domestic surveillance cameras. The only nation that is effective in having the secret police monitor each citizen is the small, closed nation.
In vast Chinese society, there may be many power groups based on subordinate systems based on clan. These power groups may have survived from the past, regardless of the change of government.
These power groups may have many groups that are hostile to the Chinese government.

If I don't know this, I will not be able to speak responsibly.

My primary concern is Uyghur Autonomous Region. It doesn't stop at Chinese domestic problems.

I am at risk of the independence of Uyghur. Once the Uyghur Autonomous Region is separated, it will be a factor in the region's war.
I don't think that the separated Uyghur government can fulfill its responsibility. Uighur religious leaders seem to have fled their homeland and lived in exile in Japan.

When Uyghurs become independent, they will always try to use nearby powers.

The segregated and independent Uyghur will approach Russia and seek to contend with China. China will not be able to accept that Uyghur will be a Russian country.
Russia cannot give up hegemony.

When Uyghur becomes a war zone, its serious influence will surely spread to Japan. For me, it is no longer an event in another world.
Japanese incompetent politicians will only be able to cause further tragedy just by disturbing the situation.

I think it is necessary to get a genuine Chinese alliance among Uighur people. It will be necessary to accept the pride of the Uighur people and the pride of self-independence with gratitude.
A proud competent governor understands a proud competent governor. Proud and competent understand what is needed.
What China needs is a proud and capable Uyghur ally. The Chinese government should convey this to Uyghur with thanks to Uyghur.

If Uyghur has no ethnic pride, Uyghur will belong to Russia and involve China in war.

From the mass media in Japan, the truth is not communicated, so the actual situation is unknown.

China's patriotic education news reported to Japan will be distorted. I heard that Chinese students had claimed that they were innocent of patriotism. They would have acted with a responsible free will.

Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

The bill was passed in the US Senate and House. And it was issued by President Trump.
The United States put this bill on China, with the pride of democrats. “Prove the pride of China.” The United States urged China.

The United States has respected China's two-country system and has granted Hong Kong preferential treatment not allowed in other parts of China.
This time, if the United States decided that China would repress democracy, it decided to abolish the preferential treatment.
This would be the fact that the United States acknowledged that Hong Kong is part of China.
It is natural that there are no special incentives.

The US declared sanctions to individuals who suppressed democracy.
Individuals who can defeat such sanctions will be a shame as a governor.

Trump President, we spoke and signed the bill with a salute to Xi Jinping Excellency, exactly, would be the street.

I also, with a salute to Xi Jinping Excellency, sends this message.
This will be understood by your Excellency.

I send a message with pride. I may send a message again to the Excellency. I don't want to neglect salute because of pride as a person.

At that time, thank you.

Best regards

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