NO.206 Dear, Majesty Queen of England

I am a Japanese who declares to be a British Royal friend and British friend.

I send salutes to the Queen. It is pride and joy as a person to salute those who should be saluted.

Before and after the Scottish independence referendum, the Queen published a message addressed to the Scottish people.
Prior to the referendum, the Queen asked the Scottish people to live together as brotherhood.
After the referendum, Her Majesty appealed to the Scottish people. “Don't split. Scotland unite.”
I think it was a helpful message for the Scottish people.

Irish people are divided into multiple nations. People with different political positions are in intense conflict, even among the same Irish people. It seems that the division of the state is deterring the tragedy of Irish people with conflicting political opinions.
But in rugby, Irish people unite over political differences.

From the news reports of the referendum of the Scottish independence, the possibility of bloodshed was not felt at all. It seems that the Scottish people had never thought about the possibility that the British government would use force to block the independence of Scotland.

The Queen announced a message to the people of the EU. “Even if you have different opinions, you should first respect the other person ’s personality, accept that person, and talk with them.”
Her Majesty, as a friend of the EU, sent the most needed message to the EU people.

A person who has been born as a king and has lived with a special mission on himself. That is the king. The king is also a human. The king may also make mistakes. This is something that the king himself understands deeply. However, I think there are some judgments that can be made because of such a person.

The same is true of the Japanese Emperor.

Britain was once an empire without a sun setting. This empire is now the United Kingdom with all colonies becoming independent.
Countries participating in the United Kingdom will continue to be part of the United Kingdom at their will.

In the future, a time of global trials may come. At that time, the British king will send a message to the United Kingdom and the people to stand up together. For friends all over the world.
At that time, the United Kingdom countries and people will stand up with the UK on their own will.

I have such a premonition.

Best regards

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