NO.204 Scheduled harmony (Monad) American worldview

Conclusion. American view of the world. If America is suitable for God's will, God's glory will be realized in America.

Origin is the New Testament interpretation of American ascetic Protestant

Reformer Calvin and his successors interpreted that it was God's command that a person engaged in professional labor.
A person must engage in occupational labor by reasonably constructing all the personalities and actions of the person in daily life. Max Weber raised this in the spirit of protestant ethics and capitalism.
Prof. Naoki Komuro explained as follows. First, the behavior of traditionalist society (Ethos). People must focus on social habits in their daily lives. Other actions, such as occupational work, must be performed to the extent that they do not interfere with social habits. In traditionalist society, this is considered.
Historically, almost every society in the world is this traditional society. However, there is one exception.
Calvanism fundamentally changed people's behavior (Ethos). Restructure the person's entire personality and all his actions reasonably to achieve a specific purpose. Calvanism has realized this transformation of behavior (Ethos).
Max Weber pointed out, "This is the only social revolution thought in history." Prof. Naoki Komuro introduced this comment by Max Weber.

Calvin interprets that it is God's command that a person is engaged in professional labor. And Calvin interpreted that a person engaged in professional labor had nothing to do with his salvation.
God has already decided whether or not a person will be saved before the creation of heaven and earth. God determined the majority of mankind to eternal death before the creation of heaven and earth, and a few to salvation. There is no change in this God's decision. Human efforts cannot change God's decisions.
This is a planned theory. Theme of the New Testament Romans (Epistle to the Romans).

The purpose of a person engaged in professional labor is not to save him. People cannot be saved even if they obey God's orders. ... This is not correct. Those who are determined to perish cannot keep God's command. However, it is impossible for humans to determine who is following God's command and who is unable to follow God's command.

People must engage in professional labor in order to increase the glory of God.
This Calvanism is the origin of the ascetic Protestant ideology.
The asceticism of ascetic protestantism is to control the original desire of human beings in order to reasonably restructure all personalities and all actions in order to realize the purpose.

Principles of change in ideology of ascetic Protestants

Calvanism was a bottomless fear for ascetic Protestants. The ascetic Protestant cannot know if the person is stipulated for salvation or eternal death.
Even if we make an effort, human beings cannot change God's decisions made before the creation of heaven and earth.

It would have been the purpose of ascetic protestants in the later days of Calvin to be freed from the fear of this scheduled theory.

I think many ascetic Protestants have questioned Calvin's interpretation of the Bible.
The foundation of Christian orthodox is all in the Bible. Only the Bible account is true. Even if a human interprets the Bible, it is possible to make a mistake.
Luther and Calvin's doctrine is their own interpretation of the Bible.

I heard that both Luther's doctrine and Calvin's doctrine presuppose the Trinity theory. I have doubts about the Trinity theory.
An article about my interpretation of the Bible. Please refer to it if you like.

This is mentioned in the article No.171.

I heard that an American ascetic Protestant interprets the Bible on his own. Parents have heard that their children are educated like that.
Many American ascetic Protestants will question the interpretation of the Bibles of past religious leaders.
I think they are trying their best to interpret the Bible.

If it suits God's will, God's glory will be realized.

I think this was the conclusion that the American ascetic Protestant arrived at.

If an ascetic Protestant action suits God's will, God's glory will be realized as a result of that person's action. The realization of God's glory is proof that the person is stipulated for salvation.
It is the realization of God's glory that a person engaged in occupational labor gains profit as a result of occupational labor. This is probably an ascetic Protestant ideology.
American ascetic Protestants have arrived at Monad.

God's glory is realized by the progress of phenomena according to the laws of the universe.

I think this will help understanding if you mention miracles.

Miracles are things that can never happen. God created the universe. God created the laws of the universe. What can never happen is a phenomenon that violates the laws of the universe. Miracle means that the laws of the universe have changed. Only the Creator God can change the laws of the universe. Therefore, miracles are proof that God's power worked.

Here, the New Testament Gospel says that, except for Jonah's miracle, no miracle will be given to humans.
All phenomena in the universe proceed according to the laws of the universe. I interpret that part of the New Testament Gospel.

God's glory cannot be realized by miracles. God's glory is realized by the progress of phenomena according to the laws of the universe.

God created heaven and earth for God's plan. Incorporating a program that realizes the purpose of God's plan, he created Heaven and Earth. The purpose of God's plan is realized by the progress of phenomena that follow the laws of the universe.
God's glory is realized as a result of the progression of phenomena according to the laws of the universe.

If America is suitable for God's will, God's glory will be realized in America.

This is the reason why American people affirm the dropping of the atomic bomb.
As a result of the US atomic bombing, World War II was over. No more Americans or Japanese were sacrificed. Japan's country ceased fascism and became a democratic country where human rights were guaranteed.
This would be interpreted by Americans as having realized the glory of God.

However, I think that the American people are struggling deep within their hearts. The United States seems to have tried to avoid the use of atomic bombs until the end. It seems that the United States was trying to avoid the Bombing of Tokyo.
Japan at that time continued to repeat kamikaze, crushing, and group self-determination by the general public. These are acts that violate war laws of international law.
International law war regulations are to deter the escalation of war to indiscriminate slaughter.
Americans would have been able to judge only that the Japanese were trying to give up their lives and kill the Americans.
The United States decided to drop the atomic bomb to prevent the Japanese from killing any more.

I think the American people are still struggling deeply to see if the atomic bombing was really right.
Humans can mistake the interpretation of the Bible. Ascetic Protestants will recognize a strong problem awareness of this.

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