NO.203 Hitler's birthplace becomes the Austrian police station.

The Austrian government sent a message to the Neo-Nazi people from the front. Neo-Nazi people were not denied personality.

If you don't look directly at history, the tragedy will be repeated.

I heard that the Austrian government was struggling with how to treat Hitler's achievements. I heard that the Austrian government has continued its efforts to stop Hitler's birthplace from becoming a holy land for Neo-Nazis.
The Austrian government has been forced to nationalize and manage Hitler's birthplace. The other day the Austrian government decided to make this building a police station. I heard that this building is to show a strong will not to be allowed to be used as a holy place of Neo-Nazis.
The Austrian government has declared that this measure is a message to the Neo-Nazi people.

I had one concern.
I hear that many people still support Neo-Nazis. There is a reason why they support Neo-Nazis.
Neo-Nazi supporters could choose not to support Neo-Nazis. But they chose to support Neo-Nazis. There may be a serious social problem behind the motivation they made this choice.
The problem may have continued for a long time without being resolved from the past. The problem may have caused Hitler to be aware of the problem and create the Nazis. The tragedy is repeated unless the nature of the problem is directly looked at.
Hitler's nationalism may mean danger for me as a color race.
However, the tragedy caused by not being able to face reality is a greater danger to me.
I would like to stop the repeated tragedy of World War II.

I also thought about making a proposal to make Hitler's birthplace a history museum. This is in order to face Neo Nazis and anti-Nazi people in front of them. Denying the other person's personality always causes tragedy.

But now we decide that the choice of the Austrian government will be appropriate.

The Jews at the time of World War II were not ready to fight. Now Jews will be ready to fight.

What is the purpose of the Neo-Nazis? Is it to exile immigrants from their homeland? And is it to remove Jews from their homeland again? There are reasons why the Nazis persecuted the Jews. The Nazis judged the Jews dangerous. Probably because the Jews had an important meaning in Germany. The situation will not change now.

Refugees from Islam and Jews are those who are willing to fight. Past history proves that Germans are brave warriors.

But refugees from Islam and Jewish people will fight without fear of death. These people have lived hard times, always facing the danger of death.
Jews were not ready to fight in the Nazi era. Even in the Nazi era, Jews continued to have the will to fight. The present Jews will be ready to fight. The weapons used in the civil wars of Islamic society will be made in Europe, America and Russia. Unless these weapons were passed to the government or armed forces, refugees did not have to escape their homeland.
The reason why refugees are obedient is that they believe that Europeans will accept them.
Refugees will decide to fight if they understand that they will be excluded from European countries.

Islamic refugees will find their own way of fighting. It is not necessarily a battle between nations.
Europe as a whole may be involved in conflict.
The battle between Europe and Islamic society will not end even if the nation is destroyed. Europe is a fight against terrorism, but Islamic society is jihad.
The scale of the fight at this time will be orders of magnitude different from the scale of the fight against terrorism at this time.
Europe may be in a catastrophic situation.

I conclude that the Austrian government has taken appropriate measures to avoid this situation.

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