NO.202 Causality, reincarnation (Metempsychosis), all things in nature, and Yogachara theory: Hindu and Indian behavior principles

Why Indians have the best mathematical skills in the world

Indians' mathematical abilities may have been trained by the principles of the caste system.
The majority of Indians are Hindus.
The purpose of Hindu life is to be born in a better caste in the afterlife. Hindus have hope for this. Stay alive with positive motivation.
The law governing this reincarnation (Metempsychosis) is causality. A good cause causes a good effect.
Hindus will inevitably have a strong interest in causality and will be trained in causality.

Hindu problem awareness and behavioral principles

Hindus are born dominated by the caste system. Hindus are discriminated against by the caste from which they were born.
The caste to which the Hindus belong will never change while the person is alive.
For Hindus, caste will be a fate. Hindus have their lives determined by their caste.
Hindus can be in a situation of suffering due to the caste they belong to. Hindus continue to be discriminated against by the caste they belong to.
“Why do I have to keep suffering so much?” Hindus will first have an awareness of this issue.
Hindus are given answers to this question by Hindu doctrine.
“Because you made a cause in the previous life, it was a bad effect in this world. You are rewarded in this world for what you did in the previous life.”

For Hindus, solving the person's fate will be the most important theme in life.
Resolving this fate will motivate the Hindus and determine all their actions.

Again about Indian intelligence

There are many Indians who are not Hindus. Those people will also be greatly influenced by the characteristics of Indian society in developing personality during the growth period. The characteristics of Indian society may have been built by Hindus.
Therefore, in order to think about the intelligence of Indians, we will consider the intelligence of Hindus.

State the conclusion. Indians will have a good understanding of higher mathematics. Indians will have an excellent understanding of higher physics such as quantum mechanics and modern cosmology.

For Hindus, the fate of the caste system is of primary concern. Hindu hope is in reincarnation. The law that governs reincarnation is causality.

When Hindus focus on cosmology, their interest will only be concerned with a phenomenon called Metempsychosis and the causality that is the principle of Metempsychosis.
The universe for Hindus is all things in nature. There are countless worlds in all things in nature.
In Hinduism, the world in all things in nature will not be told specifically.
Hindus will not be interested in the concrete world in all things in nature. Hindus will not be prophesied as "You will be reborn in this world." Hindus never know which of the countless worlds of all things in nature will be reborn. Even if you specifically talk about one of the worlds in all things in nature, for Hindus, the world is irrelevant.

Hindus will only be interested in the phenomenon called Metempsychosis and the causality that is the principle governing Metempsychosis.
As a result, Hindus will think that Metempsychosis and causality are the essence of all things.

Many people think that space and matter are the essence of the universe. In this cosmic view, phenomena are associated with space and matter.
Even if the phenomenon does not occur, space and material exist.

“Metempsychosis and causality are the essence of all things in the world” is the following.
In order for the phenomenon of reincarnation (Metempsychosis) to occur, a world to be reborn is necessary. If that world does not exist, reincarnation (Metempsychosis) cannot be realized.
If there is no world in which a person is reincarnation (Metempsychosis), that world must be created.
The entire world in all things in nature is only for Metempsychosis. Then, it would be natural for the person to think that one world is created for each reincarnation (Metempsychosis), rather than one of the myriad worlds being selected and reincarnation (Metempsychosis). .
If one of the myriad worlds is selected, dynamism to select the world is required. Rather than assuming the existence of this dynamism, it would be natural to assume the creation of the world.
Because the world is only for the reincarnation (Metempsychosis), it will disappear when the reincarnation (Metempsychosis) ends.
The world may not exist from beginning to end. It may be a bubble-like illusion that occurred in all things in nature. The foam is generated by reincarnation (Metempsychosis) and disappears after reincarnation (Metempsychosis).

Prof. Naoki Komuro introduced the Yogachara theory of Indian philosophy. I think that the essence of the Yogachara theory is what I mentioned above.

“Matter and space are not the essence of the universe, but the law is the essence of the universe.” This idea is in common with the latest physics.
The idea of ​​the Yogachara theory will be a thorough thought of the root of logic. I think this is in common with higher mathematics.

I think Indian people understand higher mathematics and modern physics.

Indian State Principles of Action

The above-mentioned Indian behavior principle will determine the Indian principle.

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