NO.198 The Hong Kong demonstration is an enemy of democracy.

An ideology that does not respect the objection is not democracy. An ideology that does not respect neutral rights is not democracy.

The Hong Kong demo will be held on weekdays. We invite you to participate in the demonstration by boycotting attending university or attending work.
The Hong Kong Demo will be a “traitor” and will be the target of attacks against those who attend university or work at work without responding to this call.

If the Hong Kong demonstration insists on democracy, the Hong Kong demo needs to defend the principles of democracy on its own.
Democracy must defend its respect for dissent. Democracy must defend its respect for neutral rights.

The current Hong Kong demonstration considers those who do not unconditionally agree with the claims of the Hong Kong demonstration as enemies. Throw a flame bottle.

Assume that the democratic election has been realized with this principle of action in Hong Kong. Only candidates allowed by the Hong Kong demonstration will be able to run.
Candidates that the Hong Kong demonstration does not allow will not be able to stand up due to violence.

This is a method of election by the dictatorship.

Hong Kong demo may be a planned coup

It began in opposition to the draft amendment to the fugitive delivery regulations. Those who have committed crimes in mainland China and fled to Hong Kong will be sent back to mainland China. If this is a lawful state, it will be natural. Police stations and courts that have jurisdiction over the place where the crime took place are responsible for the crime.

Even if you appeal to the Japanese mass media for the principles of democracy, constitutionalism, and legal rule, it would be useless. So let's just say the conclusion.
Political criminals are escaping from Hong Kong to mainland China. The political criminals are planning a coup in Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong demonstration began with the refusal of the political criminals to hand over to mainland China.

Again, the Hong Kong demo does not respect the objection. The Hong Kong demonstration does not respect neutral rights. Hong Kong demonstrations do not follow these fundamental principles of democracy.
Hong Kong demonstrations are not possible in democracy.

In Hong Kong demonstrations, political criminals who fled from mainland China are trying to cause a coup.

Historical fascist dictators won the dictatorship in the most democratic elections. An election was held. However, people were only allowed to vote for the dictator.

The Hong Kong demonstration will not tolerate neutral rights claims or objections. I ask all people to submit to Hong Kong demonstrations unconditionally.
Even if a democratic election is realized in Hong Kong, only candidates who are loyal to the Hong Kong demonstration will win. All people will be afraid of the Hong Kong demo and will vote as requested by the Hong Kong demo.

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act has been passed by the US Senate and House of Representatives in Hong Kong.

If Trump signed, the bill would be finalized.
Based on this bill, I propose to the Chinese government to accept what the United States demands.

Once the Hong Kong democratic election is realized, the Hong Kong demo will reveal its true identity.
Once the Hong Kong demo reveals its identity, this problem will be solved.

The Chinese government may know the true nature of the Hong Kong demonstration. Therefore, the Chinese government would never accept the request for the Hong Kong demonstration.
As a result, the international community has lost the essence of the Hong Kong demonstration.

The Chinese government may be suppressing Hong Kong's democracy. The international community assumes this possibility.
So it is enough to eliminate this possibility.

If Hong Kong accepts a full democratic election, there will be no excuse for the reality born from it.
I think that everything starts from there.

I do not say that the representatives elected in the Hong Kong democratic elections will be granted the right to represent the Chinese government. The Chinese government fulfills its responsibility for governance. It is the Chinese government ’s responsibility to decide.
If other governments make this request to the Chinese government, this is an internal interference. I believe that the US will not have this internal interference.

I think the Japanese government will have this internal interference.

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