NO.196 For the national integration of Korea and North Korea, it will be necessary to prepare the environment of the world situation.

Destruction of Korean GSOMIA. Korea decided to refrain from the United States for the first time and make its own decision.

I think this means that after World War II, Korea had the first intention of independence.
It is not important whether the decision to destroy GSOMIA is appropriate. It is important that Korea has a will of independence.

At the time of writing this article, the news that Korea decided to stop the destruction of GSOMIA was broadcast.
South Korea would have made this decision on its own independence. In the US Senate, a resolution was made to request Korea to continue GSOMIA.
South Korea would have responded to this resolution with respect.
Korea decided to continue GSOMIA this time. However, in the future, Korea may decide to destroy GSOMIA. This is Korea ’s decision.

With Korea's independence, Korea became a reliable partner for the countries of the international community.

Immediately after World War II, Asians remarked:
“We forgive Japan, because Japan is also a victim of war.”
I think in response to this remark.
"We can't afford to lose these people no matter what."

South Korea and North Korea are siblings of the same ethnic group. You ca n’t kill it.

North Korea protests against American and Korean military exercises. Protest against South Korea's view of North Korea as an enemy.
North Korea may think of Korea as a compatriot.
The integration of the Korean people must be realized.

The United States is an important ally for Korea. We need to find a solution that can support the United States.

It will be necessary for the environment of the world to be prepared for the integration of the Korean people.

The following is a tentative case.
The Russian participation in the Belt and Road that China has envisioned.

As a result, the Chinese economy and the Russian economy become an integrated economic zone.
In order for China and Russia to profit from this integrated economic zone, peaceful stability of the world situation is necessary.

The peaceful stability of the world situation is the basic policy of China and Russia. Other countries will understand this.
Until now, even if China and Russia said, “We want peace,” other countries would have been wary.
If China and Russia become war states, other countries will not participate in Belt and Road.
Therefore, China and Russia will continue to prove that they are pacifism.
Other countries trust this.

Suppose that Saudi Aramco, a state-run company in Saudi Arabia, has built Dar al-Isram.

Dar al-Isram will form an integrated economic zone with Belt and Road where Russia has participated.
The construction of Dar al-Isram is an Islamic purpose. Dar al-Isram is a world without war.
The idea of ​​Dar al-Isram is the idea of ​​Islam. Will be persuasive to the international community.

If the environment of the world situation is not prepared, North Korea will not trust the international community.
North Korea cannot live if it is completely isolated. North Korea cannot live if it is released from Russia and China. North Korea understands this.
If it is understood that the world situation requires peaceful stability, North Korea will trust this.

North Korea will know that South Korea needs the US as an ally. So North Korea cannot trust Korea.
In order for North Korea to trust South Korea, it will be necessary to prepare the environment in the world situation.

Only the integration of the Korean people will fundamentally solve all North Korean problems.

Do we need to find a way to integrate the Korean people?

A blog post about North Korea and Korea. I think that the distrust of Japan with regard to the recruitment trial was the motive for the suspension of GSOMIA.
I do not support the Japanese government's claim in the recruitment trial. Japan will fall into catastrophe.

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