NO.193 Belt and Road and Dar al-Isram

The belt and road in which Russia participated faces Dar al-Isram in the Middle East.

Dar al-Isram, built by Saudi Arabia's state-owned company, Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco, a state-run company in Saudi Arabia, went public. Saudi Aramco's asset value is 200 trillion yen. Suppose that Saudi Aramco raised 200 trillion yen of investment funds through global finance and carried out investment projects throughout the Middle East and Africa. As a result, suppose that one economic zone was built across the Middle East and Africa. Suppose Muslims understand that this economic zone is Dar al-Isram, the purpose of Islam.

Dar al-Isram could share the philosophy with China's Belt and Road.

One of the destinations of the Belt and Road that Russia participated in is the Middle East.

Dar al-Isram, built by Saudi Aramco, is located at the end of China's Belt and Road. China must face this Dar al-Isram as its own problem.

Belt and Road as a maritime silk road leads to the Middle East via the East Pacific and Indian Oceans. One of the end points is Europe, and the other is the Middle East and Africa.

China is envisioning a land-based Silk Road. Participation in Russia is a condition. It is a belt and road on the land from China to Europe and the Middle East via the vast Russian land.

Russia, with the support of Turkey and Syria, settled the regional conflict peacefully with Kurdish armed groups. It may be temporary.

Here, if Russia participates in Belt and Road, Turkey and Syria will be members of Belt and Road.
And the one road and one road on which Russia participated will face Dar al-Isram.

How will this affect the future world situation?

What does it mean that the Belt and Road where Russia participated faces Dar al-Isram?

Undoubtedly, Belt and Road will try to join Dar al-Isram to Belt and Road.
Here is one important factor. The scale of the investment business is 2 trillion yen for Belt and Road in Africa, while that for Dar al-Isram is 200 trillion yen. There is an overwhelming disparity in the size of existence.
Saudi Aramco's motive is religious motive. For the realization of Islamic purposes, Saudi Aramco puts all intent and puts all power. Unprecedented innovation will be realized.
Saudi Aramco's actions are jihad. Jihad is an effort to build Dar al-Isram. Those who died of Jihad go to heaven.
Therefore, Saudi Aramco will put all the power to achieve its purpose without fear of Saudi Aramco's disappearance.
This will make innovation happen.

China will witness a scene that has never been experienced before. Chinese leaders have been responsible for the vast territory and the responsibility for governance of 1.4 billion people for 70 years. They are talented people.
Chinese leaders will observe and learn Dar al-Isram.

Chinese leaders will learn from Dar al-Isram and rebuild Belt and Road.

Belt and Road and Dar al-Isram will build a unified economic co-prosperity zone.
The philosophy of this economic co-prosperity zone is the Chinese philosophy and the Islamic sovereignty.

The key to the success of Belt and Road is to maintain a peaceful and stable situation. Dar al-Isram is a world without war. The construction of Dar al-Isram is an Islamic purpose.
Both share a philosophy. This will persuade Russia.

Russia hopes to build a peaceful cooperative relationship with the EU. The EU is the end of Belt and Road.

Russia will decide to conclude a peace treaty with Japan.

I will make another point.
The United States witnesses this scene.
American ascetic Protestant people are heavily constrained by their New Testament interpretations. They themselves have never noticed that.

The United States is the most important country in the world situation. Therefore, I will raise a problem against the United States.

Problem solving in the United States becomes problem solving in the world situation as it is. The advent of Dar al-Isram and Belt and Road will create a solution to this fundamental problem.

This is the blog post for that.

The current international community was built with a vision of Christian society. Belt and Road is built with a vision from a Chinese perspective. Dar Aruisram is built with an Islamic vision.

Belt and Road and Dar al-Isram
Will have the same influence on the world situation as the world system built by Christian society. America will learn from that scene.
Ascetic Protestant thoughts are essentially revolutionary thoughts. Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that Max Weber pointed out.
Those people learn.

The world situation will change drastically.

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