NO.192 Consideration of the world situation after Dar al-Isram was realized

Saudi Aramco, which went public on the stock market, is assuming the possibility of building Dar al-Isram.

The construction of Dar al-Isram is an Islamic purpose. Jihad is a peaceful means for that.

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Let's just give an overview. The source is Jihad, a Japanese version of Wikipedia. Wikipedia also quoted from Heibonsha's World Encyclopedia.

“” In the idea of ​​Islamic law, the world must be an established Dar al-Isram of Islamic sovereignty. The world whose sovereignty has not yet been established is defined as Dar al-Harb (war world), where Jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established. ""

Jihad's original meaning is an effort to build Dar al-Isram. Jihad is not necessarily a holy war.
Islamic law was enacted by interpreting the Quran. Quran contains Allah's words. Allah knows everything about the future. Quran will also mention what will happen in the future. Quran is Allah's prophecy. Therefore, Islamic law is also Allah's prophecy.

Humans cannot understand the meaning of prophecy until it is realized. Muslims cannot know Dar al-Isram until Dar al-Isram is realized. Muslims will not know the real meaning of Jihad until Dar al-Isram is realized.

In Islam, it is assumed that humans cannot understand the truth of Allah. Humans cannot understand the truth of Allah even if they interpret Quran. In Islam, if a human interprets and executes Quran by himself, it is considered that Allah's command has been observed. I think so.
Muslims see the reality in front of them and interpret Quran and Islamic law. Quran and Islamic law descriptions are abstract. The interpretation varies depending on the times and circumstances.
Islamic fundamentalists interpreted Jihad as a suicide bombing by looking at the world situation in front of them. Therefore, if an Islamic fundamentalist dies in a suicide bomb, the Quran and Islamic law orders are protected, and his soul can go to heaven.

Public offering of Saudi Aramco, a state-run company in Saudi Arabia

I was intrigued by the news that Saudi Aramco would go public, and what the purpose was. Saudi Aramco's asset value is 200 trillion yen. Saudi Aramco seems to be one of the best companies in the world. Saudi Aramco thought that he might be acting with a sense of mission because of religious motives.
Saudi Aramco had a clear vision of the world situation and assumed the possibility of finding a purpose in the global request. Saudi Aramco Would build reasonably.

In an Islamic society, I don't think it makes sense to distinguish between individuals, companies and the state. Saudi Aramco's will is the will of the individual, the will of the company, and the will of the state. They act for Islamic purposes. They will act unconstrained by the boundaries of individuals, businesses and nations.

They will realize a construction that will have a major impact on the whole world.

If Saudi Aramco built Dar al-Isram.

Saudi Aramco will use its financial technology to raise at least 200 trillion yen from global finance. And we will invest in the Middle East and across Africa.

As a result, an economic zone will be built from the Middle East to all over Africa. In that economic sphere, all sovereign states are respected. All races are respected for tradition. All people are guaranteed employment and get a world of safe living.
I assume this possibility.

A world without war is realized in that economic zone. All nations, all nations, all nations will support Islamic sovereignty.
Dar al-Isram is a world without war. A world where Islamic sovereignty has been established.

The important point is that Dar al-Isram is prophesied by Islamic law. For the first time in history, all Muslims will know Dar al-Isram, an abstract statement in Islamic law.
Those who enacted Islamic law would have tried to interpret the Quran account faithfully. But they would not understand anything about the Quran account.
Until Allah's prophecy is realized, no one can understand it.

Knowing the realization of Dar al-Isram will radically change the behavior of all Muslims.
Islamic fundamentalists will not conduct suicide bombings. Because Islamic fundamentalists know that Jihad is a peaceful way to build Dar al-Isram.

Isn't there an unprecedented innovation in the world?

The US, China, Russia, the EU, and India confirm this innovation as the reality at hand.
The US, China, Russia, the EU, and India will rebuild the basic policy for the world situation from scratch.

Let's consider the world situation after Dar al-Isram was realized. For each case, make the article independent.

Discussions on the world situation after the realization of Dar al-Isram

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