NO.191 My Introduction to Islam (1) Dar al-Isram

The purpose of Jihad is the construction of Dar al-Isram.

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""In the Islamic law philosophy, the world must be an established Islamic sovereign Dar al-Isram. The world whose sovereignty has not yet been established is defined as Dar al-Harb (war world), where Jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established.""

Jihad seems to mean the effort for the construction of Dar al-Isram. In other words, Jihad is not necessarily a holy war.

So what exactly is Dar al-Isram? I don't think Muslims have ever known this answer.
When Dar al-Isram is realized, Muslims will know this.
Similarly, I don't think that Muslims until now know the real meaning of Jihad. When Dar al-Isram is realized, Muslims will know the real meaning of Jihad.

The reason I judge this is because many Muslims have been in war.

Let's explain now.

Islamic law is a prophecy.

Islamic law (called Sharia) was enacted by interpreting Quran.
Quran is the word of Allah. Allah knows all the future. Quran will also talk about the future. Quran is a prophecy by Allah.
Therefore, Islamic law enacted by interpreting Quran is a prophecy.

Islamic law prophesies the realization of Dar al-Isram.

Muslims cannot interpret Quran correctly.

In Islam, it is assumed that humans cannot understand or know Allah's truth.
Quran describes Allah's truth. However, human beings cannot understand Allah's truth even if they interpret Quran. Humans cannot interpret Quran correctly.
This is the premise of Islam.
In Islam, in the real world, humans are required to interpret Quran and observe Allah's orders.
Here, it would not be required from the beginning that humans correctly interpret Quran.

In one real case, the person interprets Quran and judges Allah's orders at his discretion. I think that if the person acted according to the reason he did, Allah's command was considered to have been kept.

For example, an Islamic fundamentalist interprets suicide bombing as Jihad. If the person carries out a suicide bomb, it is considered dead in Jihad. The person's soul goes to heaven.

All Islamic laws are enacted by interpreting Quran. Therefore, if a person interprets Islamic law by himself and executes the interpretation, it will be considered that Allah's command has been observed.

Let me tell you the episode that is the basis for this.

This incident occurred immediately after the Hussein administration collapsed during the Iraq War. I saw it in the news.
A Muslim looted a government facility of the Hussein administration. An Islamic teacher who was watching this read and interpreted Islamic law. The teacher taught Muslims. "Public things must be returned to the public," Muslims carried looted things into the mosque.

How is Islamic law applied to a variety of real-life examples?

First, this teacher tried Islamic law on his own discretion. At this time, it was not a problem whether the teacher's judgment was wrong or not. And not knowing Allah's orders in advance was not a problem.
Humans always make mistakes. Islam is tolerant of this? However, when he learns that he has violated Allah's command, he will be forgiven if he corrects the mistake.

Quran was awarded to Muhammad by Allah. Muhammad went to heaven, and Allah himself read a slate with engraved words.
Quran's description applies to all real-world cases of all eras, all societies after Muhammad.

However, Quran is not a concrete depiction of the real society of the future era for Muhammad.
The same is true of Islamic law created by interpreting Quran.

Quran and Islamic law descriptions are abstract. We will apply the abstract description to the actual reality of the society at that time and interpret Allah's will. I interpret this as Allah's intention.
Allah knows everything about the future. Allah carved an abstract word on the stone board.
Interpretation of Quran and Islamic law will differ depending on the social situation at that time.

Dar al-Isram has not yet been realized.

Dar al-Isram is a world without war.

Muslims living in Dar al-Isram will not war. However, Muslims of the present era have a war. The reason is that the Muslims of the present era live in Dar al-Harb, the home of war.
Muslims in this era have not found a way to solve problems without war. So, Muslims of the present era war.
Muslims of this era live in Dar al-Harb, the home of war. So today's Muslims can't find a way to solve the problem without a war.

Jihad is a way to build a world without war. Despite this, Muslims until now could only interpret Jihad as a war.

By the way, the purpose of Dar al-Isram is to realize the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations has not been able to do this. But Dar al-Isram accomplishes the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. This is the prophecy of Islamic law.

Current Islamic fundamentalists conduct suicide bombings to go to heaven. Now they can only interpret Jihad as a suicide bomb. However, once Dar al-Isram is realized, Islamic fundamentalists can find ways to avoid war. Islamic fundamentalists will no longer have to conduct suicide bombings.

I mentioned the possibility of Saudi Aramco, a state-owned company in Saudi Arabia, to build Dar al-Isram.

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