NO.188 Belt and Road Construction of an economic zone for survival in China

Realize the success of Belt and Road. China has determined its purpose.

China will reasonably choose all actions for the realization of Belt and Road. China understands what must be done.
Diplomacy with China is now possible.

The purpose of Belt and Road is the economic zone for survival in China

China envisioned the construction of the current Silk Road. China's objective is to build an economic zone for the survival of China.
China needs to participate in Belt and Road in neighboring countries.
Belt and Road is a silk road that connects all participating countries to this initiative. Belt and Road is an economic zone composed of all participating countries in this initiative.

In the future, China will have to choose what is necessary to realize this vision. This is the future policy of China.

Belt and Road concept in the real situation

China would have envisioned the current Silk Road connecting China and Europe.
China has envisioned at least two routes.
One is a maritime route to Europe through the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
The other is a land route to Europe via Russia.
China is also envisioning a route through the Arctic Ocean. This route goes through Greenland.

China must choose the necessary actions to realize this vision. For this purpose, China's action policy is decided.

This principle allows us to decide on diplomatic means for China.

What will China need to do to achieve Belt and Road?

China needs the support of all countries that have interests in this initiative. What will China need for that?

China must always prove that China is not an invading state.

If China is suspected of being an invading country, the neighboring countries of the Silk Road are strongly wary of China. “There is always the possibility that we will be the target of China's invasion.”

The construction of Beltand Road will fail if the concerned countries have doubts that China is an invading country.
China must continue to prove that its policy deserves approval by the countries of the international community. With this, China must gain trust from the countries of the international community.

China cannot fight with Taiwan.

China insists on one country two systems to the international community. China must continue to prove to the international community the legitimacy of the One country two systems policy.
If China begins a war with Taiwan, other countries conclude. “China used the one country two systems claim as an excuse to invade Taiwan.”

“China will make Belt and Road an excuse for aggression,” others conclude.

China cannot suppress the democratization demonstration in Hong Kong with force.

As of November 16, 2019, the Hong Kong demo has already passed the riot and is already a coup. The Hong Kong Demo will never allow those who are not loyal to the Hong Kong Demo. “Hong Kong Demonstration is Democracy. Those who are not loyal to Hong Kong Demonstration are enemies of democracy.” I conclude that this is the principle of action of Hong Kong Demonstration.
An ideology that does not respect the objection is not democracy. An ideology that does not respect neutral rights is not democracy. Therefore, the Hong Kong demonstration is not democracy.

The Hong Kong demonstration is becoming a danger to Hong Kong from overseas, so the Chinese government will be held responsible for maintaining security if nothing is done.

However, if other countries suspect that the Chinese government is a democratic repressor, participating countries in Belt and Road will see China as a dangerous country.

Establishing a base in the Nansha Islands would be necessary for the offshore Silk Road connecting the East Pacific and the Indian Ocean.
However, if China is considered an invader, China will not be allowed to enter the Indian Ocean, for example.

Meaning that Russia participates in Belt and Road.

If Russia participates in Belt and Road, the world situation will change radically.
First, a huge economic zone is established in China and Russia.
This economic zone is not just the sum of the Chinese and Russian economies.
A strong economic cycle will be established between the two economies, and a synergistic effect will result in a much larger economy.
Both China and Russia understand the benefits from this economic zone.

Both countries will have a basic policy of action to maintain this economic sphere appropriately.

What this economic zone requires is peaceful coexistence with countries around the world. War is an obstacle for this economy.
Therefore, both China and Russia will make the basic policy of action to eliminate the factors of war with neighboring countries.

Europe is the arrival point of Belt and Road on land. Russia will promptly shift its course of action to build up peace-building with European countries.

Russia's participation in Belt and Road creates the possibility of a peace treaty between Japan and Russia.
At that time, the United States becomes witness to the conclusion of this peace treaty.

With Russia's participation, Belt and Road will be extended from the land to the Middle East.
As Russia becomes a mediator of peace between Turkey and Syria and the Kurdish powers of Syria, these three parties will also join the Belt and Road.

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