NO.187 High-net-worth individual. Asset owners. I think the Great Depression will surely happen

With current macroeconomics, no one can understand the Great Depression. So I will make this proposal.

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Let me point out one thing first. The Great Depression is a Great Depression that has never been experienced by wealthy people.
I wonder if no one has ever experienced the Great Depression in an ultra-low interest rate environment.
It will be caused by what the wealthy people have never imagined because they have taken it for granted.

If a macroeconomician does not give any warning to this, the Great Depression will mean that macroeconomics cannot handle it.

Motivation for making this proposal.

Society has a division of roles. If there is a job that only I can do, I will take that job. Instead, I want you to support me.
The wealthy and wealthy are talented and continue to acquire and maintain their current status. Those who have gained status because they are competent will make the last choice with the pride of Noblesse Bridge. So it is worth making this proposal.
However, if I am 60 years old and it becomes impossible to get offspring, I lose the meaning of living. At that time, I will withdraw this proposal.

Economists will not be able to make recommendations on the Great Depression.

The current macroeconomics cannot understand the Great Depression. Let me explain.
It is assumed that there may already be a macroeconomician who has perceived the essence. However, they still don't have enough speech.

Economics are divided into two categories: macroeconomics and microeconomics. Microeconomics analyzes the economic behavior of individual economic entities. Macroeconomics analyzes the state of the economy as a whole.
In microeconomics, I think that macroeconomics is the statistical processing of the economic behavior of individual economic entities.
I think that it corresponds to the relationship between the dynamics of mass points, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics in physics.
Since the Great Depression is a state of the economy as a whole, it is originally a subject of macroeconomic research. However, the current macroeconomics will not be able to analyze the Great Depression.

Macroeconomics analyzes the state of equilibrium across the economy. The process of the economy changing and moving from one equilibrium state to the next will be excluded.

I think the Great Depression is caused by the economic cycle being cut off. The current macroeconomics will analyze the economy in which the economic cycle is established.
So, for economists, I can't make my recommendations at this time.

Even after reading the article on the Causes of the Great Depression in Wikipadia, the authors seem confused because they don't know how to understand the cause of the Great Depression.
The actions of financial authorities only triggered the onset of the Great Depression. There is another cause of the Great Depression.
I will explain in detail later.

Do asset owners feel sympathy with Anime Thunderbirds?

If asset owners are sympathetic to the anime Thunderbird, asset owners will eventually choose an action based on Noblesse Bridge's mission.
I expect this.

If talented people do not act with a sense of mission because of their pride as a person at the end, then I will give up.

Asset owners. Please invest in people in economically remote areas.

It is not compassion. Investment.
“We were not abandoned.” It is important that people in remote areas know this. They will not perish in loneliness.
Among the young people who have survived from the remote areas, there will be people who act with a sense of mission.

After the young people have succeeded, they will reach out to the people in the next remote area. “You are not alone.” He will send this message to people in remote areas with his own actions.

I hope that the wealthy will run a business that provides opportunities for those who are now in a financial position.
The business may become a charity. Asset owners may use up their assets.
However, I hope that the wealthy will make choices that are prepared.

Assets create value only when they are used. What value will you create in your assets? The choice is your right.
It is your right to see what is created when you use up your assets.

Let me suggest one more thing.
Asset owners donate on the assumption that value will be created. Investing in the unpredictability that some value can be generated can also produce interesting results.
You will invest in people who are only seeking to stay alive. These people may have a tremendous spiritual power to create something new.

Unprecedented innovation will come from a place that no one has imagined.

If the Great Depression is realized.

At that time, the wealthy people's view of the world may collapse. You may understand that what you have believed and suspected until now was nothing more than delirium.

I think it will be. At the moment, wealthy people can't imagine what will happen from the Great Depression.
Perhaps the current wealthy have not experienced the situation where the heavens and the earth collapse.

The Great Depression is a Depression that has never been experienced by wealthy people in the past. The Great Depression in an ultra-low interest rate environment is a great depression that no one has ever experienced.

The wealthy will have the experience of heaven and earth collapsing. But everything has to start from there. The predecessors would have been so.

Finally, if my guess is not correct. ... At that time, it would have just angered the wealthy.

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