NO.186 Is the US economy in the Great Depression phase? The reason why Democratic Socialists of America are supported.

I think support for American democratic socialism is a protest against the United States by the successors of the founding fathers of the United States.

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American conservative capitalists are the successors of the founding fathers of America. The same goes for those who support American democratic socialism.
American democratic socialism is a protest against the United States by the successors of the founding fathers of the United States.
Just like the Reformation, Protestants protested the Catholic Church. Both Protestants and Catholics are Christians.

The Great Depression of the global economy may be due to the extreme expansion of economic inequality.

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World finance will probably incorporate a dynamism that distributes most of the wealth of the world economy to a small number of wealthy people.

Many people do not receive the distribution of wealth necessary to maintain their lives. As a result, those people cannot consume enough. As a result, a serious recession occurs and a large number of unemployed people appear due to the dismissal of workers and bankruptcies.
The recession gets worse because unemployed can't consume. As a result, more dismissals and corporate bankruptcies occur and more unemployed people appear.
This vicious cycle will be a great depression.

The Great Depression of 2019 will not be a deflationary spiral. The same is true in America.

The reason for the deflationary spiral in the Great Depression is that banks collect loans before they become uncollectible. Banks will collect their loans hard.
As a result, the currency circulating in society decreases and prices fall.
At very low interest rates, banks do not have to collect loans, so there is no deflation.

Everyone is unaware of the Great Depression because they are only interested in deflation.

What will happen in the United States during the 2019 Great Depression?

The global ultra-low interest rate policy will increase the total amount of dollars supplied to the United States. But the dollar is mostly distributed to a few wealthy people.
Even middle-class people will continue to wage or remain current.
Real estate prices will rise as the amount of dollars supplied to society expands.
In the United States, real estate prices have fallen due to the Lehman shock, but they are now rising. Such a rise in real estate prices is a burden on companies.
Companies want to raise the price of the products they produce, but if they raise the price, they will not sell.
As a result, companies reduce employee labor costs.
Business owners secure their own profits.

American middle class white youth who have graduated from college recognize that there is no chance in their lives. I'm also interested in such news in Japan.
Are the white youth who graduated from the middle-class university not the direct successors of the American founding fathers?
The child inherits the parental heritage. It is natural that the inheritance of the founding fathers is inherited with the highest priority by the immediate successors of the founding fathers.
Those people recognize that there is no chance in life.
Young people who have graduated from university and work for companies cannot pay rent even if they earn wages. And the number of cases that become homeless is increasing. I saw such news.
Many companies will not be able to pay enough wages to young people who have graduated from college.
Young people are burdened with higher rents compared to wages, and will reduce consumption.
As a result, the performance of many companies deteriorates further, resulting in further labor cost reduction.
Young people can further reduce consumption and cause further deterioration in corporate performance.
Eventually many companies will not be able to endure, and corporate bankruptcies will continue. Many unemployed people appear. The Great Depression develops.

However, the bank will not collect the loan. Rather, banks may try to expand their loans using ultra-low interest rates in an attempt to stop the Great Depression.
The world economy may fall into the Great Depression caused by the inflation spiral.

How do you judge?

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