NO.182 The rise of DSA. Trump's US first policy was assessed as a failure.

President Trump has implemented an American First policy to get the workers back to work.

President Trump would have implemented America First to realize American ideology.
I think President Trump has implemented America First in order for all devout Christian workers to succeed in professional work.
President Trump determined that the reason why American devout Christians did not succeed in occupational labor was one of the reasons that immigrants had taken occupation from Christians.
The second reason is that President Trump decided that companies in other countries are competing unfairly with American companies.
To that end, it continued to demand other countries to correct unfair competition.

As a result of President Trump's America First, the economic inequality in American society has widened.
There are many Internet articles that point out that way.

America's first policy goes against the principles of macroeconomics.

As of May 2017, Japanese economist Haruo Shimada warned that President Trump's America First could not save American workers.
This is also pointed out in parts that are not paid subscriptions.
He would be discussing the details in the paid subscription part from a macroeconomic point of view.

I think I understand the essence of macroeconomics.
I think that the expansion of the economic inequality will also cause the Great Depression.
Blog articles that I mentioned about macroeconomics can be listed by clicking the label "Macroeconomics" at the end of this article.
These articles refer to the essence of macroeconomics that I recognize.

In my previous article, I have repeatedly mentioned macroeconomics, centered on the fact that the current global economy has built in dynamism that expands the economic inequality.
I proposed the essence of the Great Depression.

“Even if nominal wages remain the same, real wages can go down.” I did not mention this.
America First would have weakened American companies and reduced the value of the dollar.
Even if the nominal wage expressed in dollars did not change, the value of the dollar fell, so the wage actually dropped. Since the real price of real estate remains the same, the nominal price of real estate has soared.
As a result, workers who work for a company and earn wages are unable to pay rent and become homeless. I think that such cases are increasing.
President Trump says China is manipulating currency exchange and exporting unfairly cheap products to the United States.
Do American workers feel that they are benefiting from cheap Chinese products?
If the real wages of American workers are decreasing, there will be no real feeling.

In the United States, the number of homeless people employed by companies is increasing. Even if a devout Christian is diligently engaged in professional labor, he will not be blessed by God.
Ascetic Protestants, mainly American middle-class fundamentalists, began protesting the US government.
I interpret it as Democratic Socialists of America.

President Trump's choice

I think President Trump has two options in the end. One is to correct America First.
"Reclaim the work of American workers." This policy is not wrong. However, he misunderstood the means for that.
I have heard that America is tolerant of failure. Anyone will fail. I have heard that Americans appreciate learning from mistakes and correcting their behavior.
Another option for President Trump is to truncate 99% of the non-rich people in the United States. I will mention one of these latter options.
The essence of America lies in the middle class of America.

The essence of America exists in the social hierarchy of ascetic Protestant people centered on American middle class fundamentalists.
In the 1970s, Professor Naoki Komuro pointed out:
The reason for American strength is here.

The truncation of the American middle class means that the United States is no longer the United States.
“The fundamentalist's ability to form an order has the strength that America can overcome any crisis,” Naoki Komuro pointed out.
America will lose its strength.

As long as President Trump continues America First with the current method, he will be forced to choose one of these final two.

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