NO.181 Reasoning about the ideology of American Christian fundamentalists.

My personal interpretation of the Bible

The logic of the Bible is strong.
Let me give you an example. About miracles in Christianity.
Miracles are things that never happen. God created heaven and earth. God created the laws of the universe. Only God will change the laws of this universe. A miracle is a phenomenon caused by a change in the laws of the universe.
Therefore, miracles are proof that the power of God worked.

However, if we interpret the Bible, I think that it will be interpreted that way, “human beings will never be given a proof that the power of God has worked.”
“Evil and unrighteous times seek a testimony, but besides Jonah's testimony will never be given.”
The Japanese version of the Gospel of the Bible says so.

Miracles never happen. That is the will of God. God's plan is fulfilled by the progression of phenomena following the laws of the universe.
From time to time I hear the phrase “the hand of the invisible God”.

The Bible states that the vast majority of mankind is perished, and that only a few are saved.
There is a predestination. Among humanity, those who are determined to be perish and those who are determined to be salvation are already determined by God before the creation of heaven and earth.
And humans can never know who is determined to be perish and who is determined to be salvation.
This thought is a frightening horror for experienced Christians.
But hope is given.
“The Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit do not know the plan of Heavenly Father.” The Bible account may be interpreted as such.

Perish and the Last Judgment are recorded in the Book of Revelation of the Bible. An angel showed a vision to the apostle John (John the Apostle) and revealed the perishment of heaven and earth and the last judgment (Last Judgment).
When God fulfills his will, declare his name. For the glory of God. There is room to interpret that what is shown as a phantom is not a decision that will eventually be fulfilled.
What is described in the New Testament was that at that time, Jesus Christ and the apostles only told the humans that they were allowed by their heavenly Father to know them.

Consideration for God Bless America for American ascetic Protestants.

American Protestants raise their children by letting their children interpret the Bible. I heard that.

I think American Protestants will live with hope that God will give them new hope.
The United States is a nation that was founded by the founding fathers for faith.
American Protestants believe that God's will lives in the hope of fulfilling the United States.
While believing that there is a hope that the seal of God's truth will be renewed, American Protestants strive to continue to live in the days that are appropriate to God's will.
If the seal of God's truth is newly unlocked, for the Americans, the United States will be a new America.
For American Protestants, this new America is America where God blesses America.

Humans cannot know the will of God. So humans cannot know tomorrow's America.
However, American Protestants may believe that tomorrow's America will be a better-fit America than today's America.
The more American-like America is America that is more suitable for God's will.
Protestants in America will spend their days repenting as God bless them.

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