NO.180 Democratic Socialists of America

Reason for raising the problem.

For me, America is the most important country. I pose a problem because I think the rise of American democratic socialism symbolizes a serious crisis in America.

The meaning of the emergence of Democratic Socialists of America

As of November 2019, Democratic Socialists of America
It has been pointed out that this could greatly affect the next presidential election in the United States.
I think this is a protest against the American nation by Americans. I think that conservative people who support the national ideology of the United States also protest the American state.

The cause of the rise of Democratic Socialists of America.

I think the current global economic dynamism has a root cause.
The current dynamism of the world economy is a dynamism in which the majority of wealth is distributed to a few wealthy people.
As a result, the real poor are expanding to the middle class in the United States.
Even regular employees of companies have higher real estate prices and prices than wages, and the number of homeless people is increasing.

It seems that President Trump's America First policy has been credited with the expansion of the American middle class substantive Poverty.

I will propose.

I believe that the root cause of this problem is the dynamism of the global economy. The global inequality is growing. I am confident that this will cause a Great Depression in the global economy.

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