NO.178 US-Japan Security Treaty and Japanese Constitution

Why the United States has a unilateral defense obligation to Japan

In conclusion, it is necessary for the United States that Japan comply with the current Japanese constitution.

American security reasons

NO.066 Japan-US Security Treaty. Why did the United States have a unilateral defense obligation to Japan?

President Trump said, “The US-Japan Security Treaty is unfair.”

The next three articles are blog posts written with the intention of asking President Trump for understanding. I expressed my opinion on Japan's obligations under the Japan-US Security Treaty. I mentioned that the current Constitution of Japan is beneficial for the purposes of the US-Japan Security Treaty. I asked for my understanding and cooperation with my intentions against the constitutional amendment.

Prime Minister Abe told President Trump that Japan will not participate in the Coalition of the willing.

Prime Minister Abe told President Trump that Japan will protect Japan's ships. President Trump responded that he understood it.
“Japan is ready to abolish the US-Japan Security Treaty.” Prime Minister Abe suggested this to President Trump. In response, President Trump agreed. I thought so.

“If Japan amends the constitution, there is no point in maintaining the unfair US-Japan security treaty.” I think this is the intention of the United States.

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