NO.173 The recent situation of the Hong Kong demonstration, history and considerations so far

It seems that Hong Kong democratization organizations are seeking the support and loyalty of Hong Kong democratization organizations from all Hong Kong citizens and companies that have entered overseas from Hong Kong?

Hong Kong demonstrations are attacking opponents inside Hong Kong. 2019,11,07

According to the news for the past two weeks, the Hong Kong demonstrations are also using violence against Hong Kong citizens and overseas Hong Kong companies.
Hong Kong democratization organizations do not allow Hong Kong citizens or foreign companies in Hong Kong who do not agree with Hong Kong democratization organizations.
The Hong Kong democratization organization seems to be attacking not only the opponents but also those who are neutral.

The Hong Kong demonstration doesn't allow the opponents or even the neutrals. Hong Kong democratization groups require all people to prove their loyalty to Hong Kong demonstrations by their own actions.

This has become apparent to the mass media around the world.

Past articles about the Hong Kong demo on this blog.

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This is an article when the Hong Kong demo began to become a hot topic in the news. At that time, the focus was on the amendment of the fugitive delivery regulations. The Japanese mass media was aware of this demonstration as part of a series of democratization movements from the past. Past umbrella movements were also introduced.

I wrote this article in a stance to ask the Chinese government to settle with the Hong Kong demo.
Many people in China are not seeking democratization. They choose methods other than democratization to achieve their purpose. First, I made this clear.
I think the Chinese people understand democracy in great detail. A lot of Chinese people come to Japan to travel. A large number of Chinese students study in the United States. And many Chinese are doing business in the United States.
Chinese who traveled and lived abroad will return to China again. Chinese returning to China do not seek democratization.

I started with something like this.

I doubted about the Hong Kong demonstration. Hong Kong's democratization organization did not feel willing to talk to the Chinese government.
Hong Kong needs Chinese protection. Hong Kong security and diplomacy need to be undertaken by the Chinese government.
Even if Hong Kong is completely independent from China, it cannot live alone. Since Hong Kong needs the protection of the Chinese government, there is no other way but to get the agreement of the Chinese government through discussion.
Democracy is the responsibility of Hong Kong citizens to Hong Kong politics. For example, when Hong Kong is invaded, Hong Kong citizens take full responsibility for the defense of Hong Kong.
I wanted to ask Hong Kong democratization organizations and Hong Kong citizens whether they are prepared.

At this point, I realized that the Hong Kong demonstration would be a riot. The Hong Kong demonstrations denied the rights of those who did not participate in the demonstrations and exercised violence that impeded social functions.
At this time, people commuting on the subway were blocked by the demonstrators from getting on the subway.

Democracy that does not recognize neutral rights is not possible.

Hong Kong's international airport has been closed to a democratization demonstration. It became an obstacle for tourists and businessmen who came to Hong Kong from overseas.
If this continues, tourists will refrain from Hong Kong, and stakeholder companies will withdraw from Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government has frozen the amendment to the fugitive code. However, the Hong Kong demonstration did not fit.
Hong Kong's democratization group declared that the demonstration would not converge until the Hong Kong government unconditionally accepted all five required clauses.
“The only choice allowed by the Chinese government is to accept our requirements unconditionally,” said a leader female student.
Are the students of the Hong Kong demos instigated by the rebels who fled from mainland China to Hong Kong?
If not, the remarks so far, students, can not be very much. It ’s scary.

This article suggests that the Hong Kong Demonstration be self-controlling.
First, I summarized what I have described in the previous Hong Kong demo article. He pointed out that democracy is not appropriate for the Hong Kong demonstration.
China has the goal of realizing Belt and Road. For this purpose, the Chinese government needs to win the trust of the international community.
Despite all these favorable conditions, the Hong Kong demonstration cannot be negotiated with the Chinese government. The Hong Kong demonstration does not have the qualities of a politician. I pointed out.

I saw the news that Hong Kong citizens are suffering economically due to the economic growth of Hong Kong. Economic growth has led to soaring rents and Hong Kong citizens cannot pay.
I suggested that Hong Kong return to a poor city. Then, foreign companies that have entered Hong Kong will withdraw. Rising rents will fall. Hong Kong becomes a city where the poor can live.
Hong Kong citizens can be happy together. I thought this might be what Hong Kong people want.

The violence of Hong Kong demonstrations is increasingly escalating. The Hong Kong demonstration throws a flame bottle into a public facility. This is a riot.
If you are a sovereign nation, you are obliged to squeeze the army.

If the Chinese government wants to control Hong Kong's financial market, the solution is simple.
The Chinese government recognizes the complete democratization of Hong Kong. The politicians chosen by Hong Kong citizens will need help from the Chinese government. The politicians cannot do anything because Hong Kong citizens have chosen.
But Hong Kong's full democratization will get investors' support. Investors can choose the market according to their likes and dislikes. Even if the Hong Kong market moves to Antarctica, there is no problem for investors.
It is important that the Hong Kong market is favored by investors.

The leader of the democratization demonstration in Hong Kong said, “I can't do anything about the time of the clash with the Chinese government.”
No problem. The Chinese government will only consider eliminating the rebels that are inciting democratization demonstrations.


I don't think the Chinese government will do anything. If the Chinese government keeps quiet, the Hong Kong demonstration will eventually be destroyed.

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