NO.172 Christian Principles # 3: Book of Revelation, etc.

About Book of Revelation

An angel showed a vision to John and revealed it. what does this mean?

When God is willing to fulfill, he will give his name. For the glory of God.
The fact that the angel showed a vision to John and pointed to it in the vision would judge the possibility that it was clearly stated that "God did not necessarily make the final decision to fulfill".

An ascetic Protestant whose soul is dominated by the urge to be free from the fear of the scheduled theory may have hope for this.

“What I like is not a ginger, but a grudge,” says the Bible.

I think that the vision that has been passed down to the world as a Christian prophecy is due to this revelation of John.
At the time of the destruction of the world, those who were chosen as Jesus Christ will be resurrected and will rule the world for 1000 years.
At the end of this millennium, the final war will take place and Satan's army will be defeated. At that time, all the dead receive the final judgment.

These visions are visions of God's will, but are not finalized when fulfilled. I interpret that.
Some devout Christians will have the fear of the hypothesis being their own problem. This statement is made in consideration of these people.

In the Book of Revelation, many things are being revealed to people.
I think it has a great influence on the real world.

The song could not be remembered by anyone whose name was not known in the Lamb's book of life.

I think this word will make devout Christians aware of alienation.
Those who can not remember this song are determined to perish.
Devout Christians realize the urge to be freed from this alienation.
At the same time he realizes despair. He is moved by the urge to resolve the conflict between these two urges.

In this real world, what people can perceive is not always true.

I used the expression "this real world." This real world is the world of creation created by God according to Christian thought.
The world of creation is not the real world. The real world is the world of the holy god.
This real world is a void world that will eventually disappear.

A devout Christian would fall into the sensation that the world he perceives now is actually a phantom, and that he is actually drifting in a void.

The philosopher Descartes seems to have had this experience. "I think, therefore I am."
He sees with his eyes and hears with his ears and assumes that he exists in this world. But everything may be a vision. Is there a certain thing for him?
He noticed himself suffering. The existence of himself who suffers is certainly for him. This was his solution.

These conditions would have had a major impact on European and American physics.
An experienced Christian physicist would have been dominated by the urge to relieve this alienation conflict.
As a result, I think the uncertainty principle and quantum mechanics were born.
It is neither “existing” nor “not present”.
I think that the reason I could assume this situation is because of the urge that the physicist wants to get in touch with a world that is isolated by a disconnect that he can never overcome.

The basis of Christian faith is to fear God.

Let's consider Jonah's episode. Nineveh people repented in Jonah's ministry. Jesus Christ said so in the Gospel.
The book of Jonah does not say that the heart of the Nineveh people was cleansed by Jonah's ministry. Nineveh people ridiculed Jonah because Jonah's prophecy was lost and the people of Nineveh were not destroyed.
Those who read Jonah may think that the people of Nineveh remain unclean.
There is one thing that the Nineveh people have done. Nineveh people were afraid of God. “God, do not destroy me,” the Nineveh people continued to ask God for forgiveness.

To fear God. I think this is the basis of Christian faith.

Humans are powerless beings who cannot do good by their own power. God created humans like that.
Therefore, God does not demand much from humans. I think God only requires humans to be afraid of God.
Since God knows human powerlessness, he pours grudge on humans.

Those who try to do good on their own will feel their helplessness, break their hearts, and hang their heads before God.
I wonder if this is the first of Sermon on the Mount.
“Blessed are the poor in heart. Heaven is theirs.”

Now, my discussion of Christian principles is now a break. The purpose of this blog post is to examine the political situation in the United States.
For this purpose, I thought it was necessary to consider Christianity.

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