NO.171 Christian principle # 2 It may not be Trinity.

It may not be Trinity.

Neither the child (Jesus Christ) nor the Holy Spirit knows the plan of Heavenly Father.
I interpret that.
“Neither the child nor the Holy Spirit know when that time will come. Only the heavenly Father knows.”
Jesus Christ says that in the Gospel.
The child (Jesus Christ) has the authority to judge creatures. The Holy Spirit conveys the word of God to people. Neither the child (Jesus Christ) nor the Holy Spirit belong to the category of creatures. Both belong to the category of God.
But both are not all of God.

Let's think about mathematical set theory.
God is the whole set. The child (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit are a subset of God. The whole set of God has parts other than the child (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. That part is Heavenly Father.

God's own plan belongs to Heavenly Father. The child (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit have no authority over God's plan.
I interpret it that way.

I interpret it as not being a Trinity.

What does this mean?

What is written in the New Testament suggests that it may not be God's final will.

Heavenly Father sent his son (Jesus Christ) to the human world.
This is to convey a new contract to humans.
Jesus Christ does not know all the truth of God.
Jesus Christ could be interpreted as only telling that man was allowed to know at that time.

If time comes in the future, the time will come when the seal of God's new truth will be released.

For many people, this is a possibility of salvation.

New Testament Roman Theme: Predestination.

Of the humanity, only a few are stipulated for salvation, and the majority are stipulated for perdition.
God has already made this selection before the creation of heaven and earth. There can be no change.
This is the theme of the letter to the Romans.

Assuming Trinity, the New Testament account is God's ultimate will and cannot be changed.
However, if it is not Trinity, a new seal of God's truth may be unlocked.

I heard that Calvinism presupposes the Trinity theory.
I have heard that Calvanism has positioned the Predestination at the center of the doctrine.
I heard that ascetic protestantism was so.
Predestination would have driven the spirit of ascetic Protestants with fear.
For an ascetic Protestant, the most important issue would be whether God decided to save him or God decided to perdition him.
In Calvanism, it was interpreted that an individual was not given any proof that he was saved.

However, the ascetic Protestants after Calvin found a solution to professional labor.
Engaging in occupational labor is God's command. Calvin also interpreted it.
Successful occupational labor is evidence that the person is stipulated for relief. In the era after Calvin, ascetic Protestants began to interpret it.

God's will is fulfilled by the progress of phenomena in accordance with the laws of the universe.
I mentioned the process that led to this interpretation in article No. 1 of NO171.
I think the ascetic Protestant came to the same interpretation as me.
The New Testament seems to be logically consistent throughout.

I think that the ascetic Protestant engaged in professional labor tried to find a phenomenon in which the will of God was fulfilled in the world around him.

“I want to be freed from the fear of Predestination.” This urge governed the spirit of ascetic Protestants, and their actions established modern society. I understand so.

Historically, people's behavior has been radically changed once. Max Weber pointed out that this was the only social revolution in history.
For a specific purpose, all the personality of the person is reasonably restructured.
This behavioral change has only been realized once in history.

As mentioned above, on the premise of Trinity, I mentioned that the urge of fear of Predestination was created as a result of dominating people's spirit.

What will happen if we assume that it is not a Trinity?
The possibility of a new release of the seal of God's truth will be recognized.
A new unlocking of God's truth seal means that heaven and earth will be transformed.
This is a revolutionary thought.

Humans cannot know when the seal will be released. Humans cannot even know if the seal exists.
This is the ultimate revolutionary thought.

Ascetic Protestants continue to be dominated by the urge to be free from the fear of the Predestination.
And ascetic Protestants continue to interpret the Bible in an attempt to find hope.

I believe that ascetic protestantism will gradually change the doctrine since the time of Calvin.
Ascetic Protestants always try to find new hope.
Ascetic Protestants will make innovation happen. And they will find a solution in the event of a crisis.

In this next theme, we will start with the Book of Revelation.

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